Dollar Generalthe manager at rosiclare il branch needs fired

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PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THIS AND ADDRESS THIS DEVASTATING PROBLEM YOU HAVE IN THE ROSICLARE IL BRANCH, , , , , , , , , , I have a complaint on the manager at DGS in rosiclare il. His name is Willy and he needs to be fired . in mid August he stopped my lady as she was checking out and accused her of stealing 3 dollar fingernails. Very unprofessional . He didn't take her to the back of the store and be a professional and investigate the situation, no he belittled, humiliated and embarrassed her to the point to where she was crying right there in front of the whole store. He is not a cop but he acted like one by detaining her an demanding to search her purse. Would not let her leave until his demands were meant . She presented the manager Willy proof by reciept and he was so sure she stole them he wouldnt even look at it . . still embarrassing her in front of the whole store and the people in it . He laughed and smerked and was full of confidence that he was right he threw the receipt back to her.. This is how incompetent of a manager he is when he finally looked at the receipt, he didn't know how to read it and it was right there in blAck and white .. Nor did he take the time to review the in house tape recorded. So now About an hour of holding her captive he gets a police officer there. Again makes a scene with the cop there humiliating and accusing her of theft in front of check out counter. It took the police officer to say, did you review the tape, so an hour of interrogation, humiliation it took only 5 minutes of watching the tape to decide she was innocent . Willy the manager at the rosiclare il branch was mad as hell because he thought he was so right, yet, he was so wrong an so out of line he said just go.. Not an apology, not a he was sorry for the unprofessionalism he presented for making her literally break down an cry . He terrified her and he should be fired . she came so upset and crying i asked what's wrong ? So we went back down there an this time I showed the manager the receipt and pointed to the purchase and unbelievably he still denied it was not on there . After the third time your manager finally seen the purchase on the receipt that was presented to him and then he demanded that we leave the store and not return ..WOW ! I ask you DGS district manager is this how you train your managers to treat the paying citizens. I highly recommend he is fired .. Thank you


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      Nov 21, 2017

    The individual who was questioned by the manager (your "lady") may want to contact the corporate customer service directly. Since you were not present for the entire situation and was not the individual accused of theft, the complaint should not come from you.

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