Dollar General / store operations

Tullahoma, TN, United States

I am a cash customer. I do not often carry my debit card. There have be several occasions like this morning when I stop at DG in Tullahoma Tennesse to buy some snacks and lunch for my work day only to get to the cash register to have the clerk tell me that they can not make change for a $100 bill. This is RIDICULOUS! This is a store that operates with money. There is NO reason why a customer should not be able to make a purchase because there is not enough cash on hand to facilitate the transaction. I work with the public at a small distillery visitor center and even I have enough cash on hand to make change from a $100 bill at any point during store hours. I use DG for it's convenience. I am a regular customer. I am very unhappy with the level of customer service I get from your stores.

Nov 8, 2017

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