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Dollar General Store Manager Coxsackie, N.Y / a woman named michelle gagliardy, store manager

1 Coxsackie, NY, United States Review updated:

Hi, I love Dollar General, because of its great prices, but mostly because of its Southern style hospitality and helpfulness. I'm sorry to say that today was a complete 180┬░turn. from the usual.
I was checking out with my products. Pepsi special is buy 5 for 10 dollars, 6 pack bottles. I asked if there were any more in the back, as there were only 3 six packs on the shelf. Michelle Gagliardy-who speaks extremely loudly, and in a pedantic tone - allowed as how there were not. I then asked if she could write on my receipt "paid for 5, received 3, will return for 2 remaining". Michelle asked "what good would that do?" I replied that another local store does that for me, and is very easy. Michelle said "we don't do that, I'll charge you the price they would be individually, at that specials price". I said it was a deal. I told her she might want to talk to the manager about doing it the way the other store does it for me. She said, very condescendingly, "I am the manager". I said, "no need to be contentious". She said "I'm not, at least I don't think I am." I replied that I have a sister in law who doesn't think she's obnoxious, either, but she is ". To which Michelle Gagliardy responded"oh! i'm sorry you feel the need to call her names! In her very loud, condescending, and pedantic tone, in front of 2 other customers in line, and loud enough for the entire store to hear. I inserted my credit card to pay, and said, and whispered "wow", to myself.
After putting my purchases in my car, I went back inside to ask Michelle her front of 5 more customers, she rudely grabbed her name tag, and pointing to it said "Michelle".in her now both obnoxioys, and condescending tone. I then asked for her last the same tone, her very loud response, in front of even more customers was, "do you have a pen? I'll have to spell it for you, it's Italian" inferring that I am not intelligent enough to understand or spell. I told her she could tell me. Afterwhich she did. I was embarrassed, humiliated, and publicly shamed, by Michelle gagliardy. the manager at you store in coxsackie new york.
I love dollar General. It's a good thing you're opening a store closer to me in Athens, because I will never set foot in the coxsackie store again. You need to replace Michelle Gagliardi as manager ASAP. She is not representative of your company's outstanding customer service.
My name is Elizabeth, or Betsy Barrett. I am still upset at being publicly humiliated by a store manager.
Please, please, please, be more careful about who you put into managerial positions. That was no southern hospitality I experienced. That was downright cruel behaviour by michelle gagliardy.
Thank you for your time.

Elizabeth L Barrett
78 JuniperLane unit 2125
Athens, N.Y. 12015

Jun 7, 2018
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  • Ma
      7th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    Jesus Christ... get over yourself. She was in the right. The other store is in the wrong. Under no circumstances are they to charge you for something that you don’t receive. Company policy. You were told no and took it to the extreme. She should have asked what store does that so she could report them.

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