Dollar Generalstore manager

My fiance and two sons age 10 went to store #04763. He purchased groceries and a soaker water hose. They waited in line for their turn. When the cahier scanned in all their items he used his debit card. He swiped it several times without success. Your scanner wouldn't recognize it. The cashier became angry as she came around the counter to punch the numbers in.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bean Station, TNAfter that was completed she went back around the counter and told him in a rude and blunt tone that if he came back in there again that "we" would refuse to wait on him. As it turns out she is the manager of the store. I went there to speak to the manager regarding this and was told by the cashier at the register the person who waited on my husband was the manager... That's why I am filing a complaint this way instead of handling it on the store level.

May 05, 2017

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