Dollar Generalstore in general

B Nov 22, 2017

The Dollar General store in Fincastle VA is in serious need of someone who cares about retail. The store is a constant mess. I only go to this Dollar General if I have to. There is a Family Dollar in the next town over that I will go to. It is much, much cleaner and the staff much more friendly.

The store in Finacaslte constantly has carts full of merchandise that needs to be shelved. They have so much crammed into this small store, that merchandise is falling off the shelves and on the floor. Today I went there and there were do many carts with boxes on them, they were pushed up against the shelves and you could not see anything. It truly is a dumpy store. When I go there I try to get in and out as fast as I can because I feel like something is going to fall on me at any moment.

Would someone please come and take a look at this store? It is need of help. Most of the time they only have one register open and when there is a long line, no one comes to open the 2nd register.

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