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I have a complaint about Store # 10452 from 09/04/2008. I went in the store around 6:45pm and I purchased three items. When I went to the counter to purchase my items, there were 12 people in one line and no one was in the store. The manager was missing and 1 girl helped bag the items, which had her name tag on backwards. The cashier didn't have a name tag on and would not open up another line. I was displeased because I had to wait about an half-hour just to reach the front counter to purchase three little items. I hope that the organization and speed of service would be more efficient the next time I visit this store. If problem persists, I will send another complaint to Corporate Office. Thanks for your time in this matter and I hope things get straighten out!

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  • Sa
      Oct 15, 2008

    Always at any dollar general store i shop at they are slow and most of the time there is a very long line, not enough people to check customers out and they cashiers seem to take their time, like the customers have all day to wait for them. Someone needs to put some fire behind the employees and get them to move faster, or more employees & hire people who can work more quickly! There isn't enough help and the help that is there is too slow!

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  • Le
      Aug 11, 2009

    I would like to know if the Dollar General has a rule about taking ppets into their stores. Recently, I carried my 12 week old puppy (in my arm, never touching a cart, floor, etc.) into a Dollar General Store and was told by the manager that pets are not allowed. I DO NOT see a sign on the door stating no pets allowed! Is there a policy for the Dollar General Stores?

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  • Jo
      Aug 24, 2009

    Yes there is. It is on the front door of the store as you come in. On the sign that states " Shirt and shoes required" No pets aloud. Only service dogs.
    No disrespect intended, but that is common sense, not to bring animals into a store or resturant unless it is a service animal.

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  • Sy
      Aug 10, 2010

    i went into the store right now and brought up about 15 bulbs to plant they were 90 percent off of the price of 3.95 so i would have gotten them very cheap anyway i am ready to pay for them the cashier rings them up and they come out to 1 penny so she sais well thats not right so i cant sell them to you so i tell her get a calculater and do the math she refused so i said iguess she is just to lazy to do her job or wanted the bulbs for herself and my daughter also found some planting vases for next year at a fair price and she said i cant sell them to you because they dont have a price so i said well isnt it your job to have prices marked on what your selling in the store i was very upset over this situation and i thought id let the public know that when you find a good deal the cashiers probably wont sell it because they want the last left for themselves o well that was my experience at the dollar general today and i rate it a big f for thei grade

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