Dollar General / store

Bolivar, MO, United States

I have been going to this store pretty much since it opened because of the approximately from my house. As of late the store is in total chaos (for about the last three months). You walk in the front door and there is such a mess there you can hardly navigate. The aisles are blocked by unstocked merchandise. One side of one complete aisle is clearance merchandise that looks more like products were just thrown and where they landed is where they stayed. Advertisement signs are not kept up to date. I went to buy a Swiffer product a couple of months ago and the signage stated one price and went I checked out the price was higher, went back to the self and pulled the signage that had expired in May. Lately you can be at the register and not a sole around for instance one time a could hear someone talking but never seen her, one person walked back in from lunch and checked me out. This past Saturday I was heading to the check out and the young girl at the check out took off outside with some friends of hers and had to wait for another person to come and take my money.
I do visit the other stores when I am in that direction. One store on S. Springfield #06850 has always been clean and organized. The new store on E. Broadway #06262 is immaculate. Just hope this makes a difference otherwise I have to go out of my way to go to the other stores. It's a shame that this store has ran down so much because the people on this side of town have nothing else.

M. Hagedorn

Oct 23, 2018

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