Dollar General / solicitation inside and outside of store, customers asking for money

I have a issue/complaint to post, first I want to say that I enjoy your store and normally no problems, except for today...

March 22, 2017 at store #[protected] Shurling Drive Macon, GA 31211

I encountered a man at the register as I entered the store
selling Bracelets for a Cancer patient.
I declined to buy the item telling him "not at this time"
and he became aggressive saying "so when would be a good time"

He seemed to have asked other customers in the store, and no one/Associate/Manager stopped him.
Not sure if you have a policy on solicitation in your stores but I felt uneasy..
Last week outside the store a woman was asking for money

I am not trying to get anyone in trouble but I was mgmt. in retail stores for 20 years and I can't imagine a associate or Manager letting people ask for money without them being asked to leave.
This incident won't stop me for shopping at your store but I wanted for someone to address this
Lisa Wesley

Mar 22, 2017

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