Dollar Generalphone return policy & manager's customer service

G Nov 20, 2017

My dad (72) lost his net10 flip phone. I searched several others including wal mart and none had the flip net 10. So I brought another company flip thinking it would work from your store. I called and they said it wasn't compatible, so I brought the unopened pkg back and the workers informed me that they couldn't exchange or refund the item. I asked why she says the manager want allow anyone but her to take phone returns. So I asked okay so now what am I supposed to do. They (The two working) tell me to come back tomorrow. I asked what time does she work. When one gets back she tells me 7 to 4. I say I work 6 to 6 at hospital for the next three days.. It will cost me an hour's pay to come see about a twenty dollar phone. I am not happy at all... Everyone is not a crook and I am not happy with this idea, policy, or law. It needs to be a sign put up saying our policy is that "no phone refunds or exchanges unless manager is at store" so customers are not inconvenienced. I could have brought the same phone at walmart and took it back with no problem. We don't have banking hours. If that is a policy I feel that the managers should have to stay for the doctors and nurse's who don't have bankers hours.

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