Dollar Generalnew store manager

Let me say this I work in Philadelphia as consumer brand manager. I just move to area from North Jersey was impressed how the store was being run. When the store had the tall African American gentle man working their. Everyone was happy the employees was polite the smile at everyone when they was walking through the door. I was like wow this is the type of store that I don't mine spending money at. Which I was spending over 100 dollars week at. I have all my receipt to prove it. I even went out of my way to do survey for the employees because it was warm feeling when I walk through the door. Even when I am having bad day I could walk in the store and they would put smile on my face. Tall store manger was such great leader his employees would been over backwards for him. His leadership style was Transformative which was great for everyone. Even the customers that shop here. Now I know that this store goes through manager like people change their underwear. But, when he was their the turnover rate was low. It was clean and always was stock with help from the outside which did great job of stocking the store for him. Now this new African American Lady that's at the store is by far the worse thing Dollar General could do. If the company or the regional manager would look at the numbers and the turnover rate. They would see that by her being their it did not help the company. But by her being autocratic Leadership style it's not right for the store. My shopping at the store has gone down since she came on board. If the regional manager would ask the employees how the feel about her as leader. I can promise you that they would all say they would want the other guy back. I don't know any of the manager personal I just know them from me coming to the store almost everyday. I willing to drive 20 mins for gallon of milk then by something at the store while she is their. I really hope the employees that Dollar General stay. But, it really don't seem like it. Now you have whole bunch of non smiling miserable people working at the store. I would hire them in heart beat they have all the basic skills that we look for in employee. I know this will go through one ear out the other but, only thing I can say look at the you are about to loose a lot of great employees because of this lady. She don't smile don't say hello don't say thank you. It's like she shouldn't even be working their is you don't like dealing with customers. I had couple employees that work for me that act like this lady. I let all them go my numbers went up. I have happy employees my turnover rate went down to 2.38% after I took care of the problem.

Nov 27, 2018

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