Dollar Generalmanagers

I work at Dollar General and the manager fussed at me and accused me of something that I hadn't been doing. I try not to complain about it but she did that stuff in front of customers. It was humiliating.
I was told they'd rotate my weekends and they haven't. Another thing, whenever Corporate is supposed to come in that day, they always take my day from me or they switch my schedule and tell me about it an hour later OR they don't inform me the schedule was changed. I was also fussed at for scanning the barcodes too often when I was trying put stock away. I'm sorry I don't know where everything goes. I'm still rather new and that store is a disaster. Plus I can't hardly see the small print on the tags.
Other customers have witnessed it and one of them told me she'd put in a good word for me at that place I wish could remember the name of. Then a couple of weeks before that this man asked if I could find a different place to work at. I guess he didn't like me being yelled at for no reason.
I asked this one manager where my pal works if she could transfer me to over there but she's going to have to talk to the manager where I'm employed. I just want to work where I'm appreciated and I'd like to not get screwed out of my days that I'm supposed to work. I barely work 15 hours a week, except this week where I only worked 10.
Again, sorry for complaining but I don't feel like I'm being treat fairly.

May 15, 2017

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