Dollar General / manager

Niceville, FL, United States

My girlfriend is disabled and has been telling me about the manager at the blue water, niceville store following her and making crude remarks . So tonight I went in to observe and the lady shot her nasty looks and mumbled stuff about people being on drugs. So she was the only register open and when we got to checkout she told us to go to next register and walked off, so we moved and she told the guy behind us she would be happy to help him. I work for my money and spend quite a bit in that store I have never been disrespectful to her and it took all I had in me to not say some really nasty things to her .I know this that store won't get another penny from me as long as she works there, my money may not mean anything to a large company like that but I have lots of friends that will support me in refusing to shop girlfriend has a brain disorder that causes her to get the shakes sometimes and so she is now looked at like a drug user by a store manager and that is very wrong.

Sep 19, 2017

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