Dollar Generalmanager

Once again I go to the dollar general and the "manager" is outside smoking. And within five feet of the door as usual. Every time we go here I have to bring my son inhaler because the manager is always outside smoking. I don't know how it seems like anytime we go she is outside. It's either a coincidence or she smokes a while lot. Most companies only give smoke breaks at lunch unless the person is working many hours. I never see the other workers outside much and it seems like if they are it's their lunch and they are sitting in the bench outside. But you can tell this woman is just running outside to smoke so she stays close to the door. But this is the example she is setting for the other employees and it doesn't seem very professional. The customer service is not what it used to be. Last time this woman rang me up she was on the store phone takking to either her husband or boyfriend it sounded like. You could most definitely tell it was not a business call. Managers should for one be held at a higher standard than regular employees and two how can she tell her employees to follow company rules if she doesn't do the same? But back to the main problem. My son should not have to take his inhaler with him to go to the store because we have to walk through a cloud of smoke to go inside. I think we will start going to the store up the road because this one is just not professional anymore.

Dollar General

Feb 06, 2017

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