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This is the fourth time in recent weeks I have tried to shop at our local Dollar General, just to find the shelves either in complete disarray, or half empty with cases upon cases of product blocking the aisles. Just this morning, I went to buy a large bag of cat food just to be told the following when I inquired where they were: "Oh, we got a delivery on Saturday. We'll get it out sometime this week." Seriously? This is the only response the sales clerk could muster?

I am a breast cancer patient and haven't been able to get out often the past few months, so when I do, it is for necessities such as food or household products. One example is when I went to our local Dollar General last Friday to buy some groceries; Campbell's Soup was all but non-existent, not one can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup on any of the shelves, nowhere. This is ludicrous. I have even tried to do a little bit of Christmas shopping for children, but the aisles are in complete disarray, one can barely walk through them. And, product choice has diminished drastically over the last year.

I do believe I am now done with Dollar General unless some drastic changes are made, especially at our local store in Gallatin, Missouri.

Thank you for your time.

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    Yes, I did ask, and I usually see four or more employees in the store. Oftentimes, a few a busy talking near the rear of the store instead of stocking shelves. It's just become a very unorganized store over the last year. But, calling ahead is not a bad idea.


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      Nov 27, 2017

    They might be short-staffed which could explain why the product didn't get put out on the same day. Did you ask them to grab one for you? Since you are limited in trips you can make to the store, you could consider calling in advance to see if they have your items available. If neither of these options sound appealing, you may want to do as you suggested as just go somewhere else.

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