Dollar Generalinside theft and poor customer service

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I caught the store managers daughter swapping price labels in her store... I'm appalled!!. The manager treats the customers poorly. I have lived in this town a long time. I know that the old store manager had banned this girl from OUR store for the same thing. I shop here all the time. And ever since Marie Hartzog showed up she treats her customers ugly. She has been complained on before and was completely over looked by the District manager...Same way with a employee named Betty. She is rude and treats the other employees like they bother her when they need help with something. She os always outside smoking when the cashiers need help or get backed up, we have complained several times to the manager and yet she is still there.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Daleville, AL No smiling face nor a friendly greet when you walk in. Our store has a Kimmie that works here and she goes above and beyond to make sure we find what we are looking for always a friendly greet, knows most of us by name and HELPS with the DGcupons. Miss Kaity is a very bright and helpful young lady. We only shop there when certain people are working cause they take their time to help. Clayhatchee is a very small community and we are all very friendly but the store manager has made hateful comments about some of the people and thats not how a manager should talk. If this keeps going on I feel I need to contact the BBB and see what they say. Obviously the district manager doesn't care how his managers treat the customers. Please get her and Mrs Betty out of this store.

Nov 30, 2018
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      Dec 03, 2018

    You should treat people like they treat you. If they're rude to you, retaliate by being rude back instead of threatening their livelihoods. Did they threaten yours?

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