Dollar General / I worked there

palmet ave, Corinth, NY, US

Dollar general corinth< ny 12822 I worked there for a couple of months and I really enjoyed my job but a lot of stuff happened. I was told I would have day hours and then I was put on nights, 4-1015 shift which I do not mind once in a while. I have problems at home just like everyone else but I put in all my effort and made friends with customers. I enjoyed every minute of being there. The managers could not be on the same page at all. Too many things were coming up missing and drugs are a big deal there, now a couple people are hhired that worked at a bar, I don't think that it should be who is known on how you get a job or how you are treated. Like I said I have 4 children as well. What am I suppose to do??? I told them I was done on friday the 11-04-2016. But I really love my job. Can some one help me?

Nov 07, 2016

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