Dollar General / I am complaining about the cashier devon

Elizabeth City, NC, United States

I went to store 12463 on my way home from work to buy a few birthday needs. I shop this store just about every day & very rarely do I spend under $20. Upon entering the store the cashier did not acknowledge me. My business I own I deal with the ATF & when my phone rings I have to answer. Upon my standing at the register I was ending my call & this cashier purposely yells loudly "hello" to a customer who walks in the door when mind you he didn't even acknowledge me even when making eye contact. This is every time I walk in there & not just with me he doesn't acknowledge others as well. When I check out he doesn't inform me of how much my change is I am to receive back he just hands me my change. I will from now on drive the 30 mins it takes to go to the WalMart to buy what I need. I refuse to shop where I will be disrespected. I could of been on a very important phone call.

Oct 13, 2017

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