Dollar GeneralI am complaining about a worker violating my civil rights

On Saturday December 7th, 2018 myself, my fiance and our 2 year old disabled son entered the Dollar General off Dugan IN Wichita, KS. Having just left the Walmart across the street we stopped at dollar general realizing we had forgotten a few items. Half way through checking out I realized my wallet was missing. Getting anxious and worried I sent my fiancee out to check our car. When he came back with nothing I asked the clerk if I could leave my name, number and description of my wallet. He agreed and I left all that information. At this time my son had started screaming so I told my fiancee to take him to the car and asked the clerk if I could look around one last time.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Wichita, KS He agreed and once I had searched on last time I came to the front and while walking out seen my fiancee's back turned to him loading our son and the clerk grabbing my coat and sons blanket going through them including inside pockets. Unsure what I was seeing I scream, did you find it?! He looked up and held products in his hand, shocked I explained I hadn't even realized they were there due to being worried about my wallet. The clerk proceeded to accuse me over and and over of stealing. He asked to see my purse which I gladly let him. Realizing there wasn't anything in there he walked away and screamed for us to not come back. Mortified and absolutely shocked I got in and drove off. My fiancee informed me he was completely unaware the clerk had even come up behind him. I was still in the store at this time and at no time did he imply or even ask if we were stealing. Not only did he mortify me in front of strangers but in front of my baby as well. I am demanding something be done or will be taking this as far as I can. His behavior was absolutely unacceptable!

Dec 11, 2018

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