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Hi, I am writing this because Everytime I visit the Clementon, NJ location on Berlin Rd. 08021, the employee is always extremely rude and treats my husband's and I like Theives! She is about 5' 10" - 5' 11" tall, long brown hair in pony tail with tattoo on her neck! We shop at this store every single day, weather it be for allergy medications, to drinks, to clothing and heigiene products from the minute we walk in the door till the second we leave she stalks us! We have never done anything wrong in any store let alone this store and she singles us out every time...she will come move 1 item where we are standing stare at us and go away, but follows us to every isle! It's rediculous!!! She makes extremely rude and uncalled comments to other employees such as how "somebody better come take over my register before she [censor] snaps the [censor] out" with 5 people in her line...she over charged me for my clothes was buy one get one free as long as tgey had yellow dots, argued with me and said that it was buy one get one half off, I had bought two clothing items with the same deal yesterday, she argued with me and refused to fix the problem and said "it is what it is" I am a loyal and reliable shopper at this location but if this continues and the problem with her is not dealt with accordingly, I will make sure everyone around here knows and also make sure that nobody shops here!! I don't appreciate having my $$ snatched out of my hand!!!

Jun 09, 2017
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      Jun 14, 2017

    1) She may have seen something suspicious before. Do note that if you have a habit of not wanting an item and not placing it back where you got it that workers will assume that you intend to come and steal it later. Or if you were fumbling in your pockets a lot--even just to look at your wallet or your phone--is a red flag to many retail workers. The same goes for purses as well. Do that enough times in any combination and a worker can suspect that you're planning something.
    2) Unless you brought in your receipt as proof then the worker is not obligated to fix a sale. A lot of stores have that as their policy, that regardless of the price you bought the item, if the price is different now and you have no receipt then the store gives you the price that comes up at the register.

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