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Today, Tuesday July 31, 2018 at 12:00pm I was shopping in Dollar General at 10925 Homestead Rd Houston, Texas 77016
Worst Experience ever, employee by the name Mika had the worst attitude and extremely rude. As she was ringing my things she was complaining about her job and I notice that I had forgotten my debit card in my truck so I told her nicely if she could wait for me or just cancel and wait till I wen to get my card really fast, she rolled her eyes, starting mumbling something and making faces at me with an attitude, I told her she didn't have to be rude and her attitude was uncalled for, she kept on going so I walked out and returned with my card to get my items and kindly asked for her name and with an attitude she said "Mika, anything els you wan to know" extremely rude. Manager was nowhere to be found. Just terrible.
Hope to hear back from this incident,
Just wish they could get the right training and your store can hire kind and friendly employees.

Tairi Fregoso

Jul 31, 2018

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