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A Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

I purchased a DVD player on 11/16/2017 at store number 16493 in Milan, Tn. After arriving home, my family and I attempted to watch a movie from our newly purchased DVD player bought from DG. We had to cut away a tremendous amount of tape from the box to get the DVD player loose. There was no need to keep box after having to demolish it in order to get the product free. We inspected the player and it appeared to be new although minor very tiny scratches were slightly visible. We spend a very large amount of money at DG as well as refer a lot of other customers. We never thought the product would be dysfunctional or we would have kept the non recognizable box. We hooked up the DVD player per instructions and from many many years of experience, selected a movie and pushed play on the remote control (after purchasing batteries). To our surprise, nothing. We followed all appropriate steps and still nothing with the exception this dysfunctional apparatus would not release our DVD. We have attempted to return the player in exchange for another but we were rudely told NO!! We were told NO by the same employee who was our checker, told no by 2 other employees including the manager, Cindy. Supposedly it is due to the fact we didn't keep the box that was taped so securely around the player. My thoughts now is the tape was more than likely due to this particular product being a return and then sold again to me (the customer that ended up losing 30.00 plus on a product someone knew was bad making me a total fool)!! I am highly upset with DG. On this particular trip, we spent over 200.00. On any given week, my family spends well over 500.00 collectively to a store that treated members of my family as well as myself with such disrespect and obviously cheated us. Now I'm stuck with a product from your store that doesn't work, out a DVD that cost us 20.00 and 3 trips to be treated like thieves when the store clearly knew it was purchased there and looked at our receipt that was clear evidence it came from that store as well.

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      Nov 28, 2017

    It is very common for stores not to accept returns if the original packaging is not included. You could try contacting their corporate office to see if they can assist you however. It's doubtful but it doesn't hurt to try.

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