Dollar Generaldollar general complaint - poor store appearance, merchandise, etc.

I frequently visit this store ( 4932 N High St. Columbus, Oh 43214) to purchase items for my household and I have never seen a Dollar General in such disarray. There is merchandise literally scattered haphazardly all over the shelves, not in the proper places, merchandise all over the floor, behind the cashiers registers on the ground, carts all over the store, scattered all over the parking lot, and not in their stalls. It is difficult for the shopper to determine how much the items cost as your tags are not visible for many products, which creates problems for the customer and the employees and creates a loss for your business as well. I have 2 business degrees, one in inventory involving managing and I will guarantee you that you are losing a ton of money with all of this inventory all over the place, it is a perfect place for shoplifters and internal theft as well. I went there this evening around 630 pm and there was glass shattered all over the parking lot, and I advised the cashier of the issue. I had to hunt down a cart myself as the staff could not free up a cart or find one. This is a lack of proper management / leadership, pure and simple. I bet if you ran an overall inventory report of the merchandise in that store, you would come up with missing inventory. I would recommend resolving it immediately.

Jun 10, 2018

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