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My husband and I went to dollar general store #06214 today [protected], we are always going into this store about 4 to 5 times a week at least. But today will be the last when we walked in there were 6 shoppers standing at the checkout, one of the men yelled and I quote [we are fixing to start walking out with our things up here] so my husband went to the back and told a young boy named joel terry about this and he said ok, it took him 11 minutes to go up there, ok we went ahead to get our things we needed and when we got to checkout there was aanother young man by the way who smells really bad, anyway his name tag had adam on it, we got 2 bottles of wine and several other things adam said I need your id I said 9-13-67 is my birthday he said ummm no I need your id so I got my billfold out and showed him my id which is very readable inside my billfold he said ummm I want it out of there, I then told him this was awful he said this is a policy and I said im sure it is a policy to have someone at the damn register too but it was not so then mr smartass joel terry turns around and starts mouthing off and I said give me your store number and we will never be back in here again they both were like well good and our manager is robin jones. I do not know her but I think she might need to get a hold on her employees and get the stores running in a nice manner, the store was dirty and in need of some serious help these two joel and adam need to be replace by someone who needs a job and would be nice to the shoppers. People actually left their buggies sitting there and walking out. My name is jeffery crisler and my email is [protected]@gmail, com

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  • Ra
      Apr 05, 2013

    Jeffrey; This site I am sure is monitored to some extent by DG, but you need to call the Corp Office, check your Receipt the Corp office is in Goodlettsville Tenn. Nothing will get done unless YOU do something. Make a difference

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  • Gm
      Jan 27, 2014

    I can understand you being upset and you have every right to be. It is DG policy to ID every customer buying alcohol or tobacco products. They do require you have the ID in your hand to inspect for fakes. It does not matter if you are 90 years old, they have to card everyone. They are also required to not except expired ID, so they have to also check for that. They should not have been so rude about it, but it is policy and if they get caught not carding someone they will get fired and have to pay a fine. Not all DG is that bad and I apologize for your experience.

    DG assistant manager Missouri

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  • Cl
      May 30, 2014

    The store #04974 located in Marmet, WV 25315, is always dirty. The cashiers are very pleasant but the ones that appear to be 'supervisors' usually are chatting with the customers and letting lines back up. Again, the cashiers are very nice and they appear to have a lot of duties to do all at one time. My main complaint is the outside of the store. At any given time you can go there and there are fast food bags, empty oil cans where people added oil while at the lot, cigarette butts, diapers. We have complained at least three times through the contact me site for Dollar General. It is still the citizens cleaning it up. The times before I had a call from a male that he was working on it, whatever that meant. This is so sad for the company. You have great products and great cashiers. Relieve some of your indoor help to go outside at least 4 times a day and clean the lot up, there is a rusted fence on the property line too. A major rusty eyesore. We have a beautification team that has talked to the manager or whoever said they were in charge that day, and still, even last night about 9 pm. It was I that filled a buggy full of trash. So sad.

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  • Mi
      Jul 31, 2014

    Honestly I don't think the company cares about what's going on in their stores. I emailed them about the condition of the store in Holden MO several weeks ago. They responded that it would be looked into. The store is disgusting. Stuff of the floor everywhere that doesn't get picked up, no sweeping or mopping, lights out all through the store. Went in yesterday and nothing has changed. I noticed last week that the stores in Warrensburg MO are now the same. Dead bugs, dirt, crap on the floor just stays there. Just very dirty and unkept. Would not want to purchase food items from them. There's seems to be no pride in ownership.

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  • De
      Dec 17, 2014

    Recently our hometown will be down to one store and that is dollar general, this store could really use a good cleaning and their help in there are also not very clean., with the closing of our alco store this leaves only dollar general, we will have to travel at least 25 miles for the closest wal-mart, or k-mart or dollar tree.This can be a really up and coming store for Havana if someone would PLEASE come in and take a look it needs some help. Thank You!!

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