Dollar General / customer service

I had gone into the Dollar General up here in Flagstaff, AZ on Friday 11/17. The address is 1300 S Plaza way.
I have never been appalled by the state of a store as I was on this day.
first off, there were boxes, unopened throughout the store haphazardly on the floor. HUGE safety issue!!!
I finally found what I was looking for and stood in line for approximately 10 minutes to check out. The one and only cashier called for back up with NO ONE coming to her rescue!!! FINALLY, after about 5 minutes someone actually ran through the front door to the back(to clock in?) and he got on a register. Mind you, all i wanted to buy was a new toothbrush. 3p.m. on a Friday afternoon is NOT the time to have one or two people working. They need a couple of more.
I have been in management for more than 30 years and if i EVER ran my area like this i would surely be fired. This is why I would NEVER go back there.

Nov 19, 2017

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