Dollar Generalcustomer service

I recently visited my neighborhood dollar General on hwy 35 in carthage, ms. The customer service was disgraceful! The store was having a promotion on laundry detergent and you could apply a manufacturer's coupon to receive an additional discount.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Carthage, MSThe cashier preceeded to scan the coupon with a gun then after one rushed attempt she scoffed and asked another cashier in a angry tone what to do if it doesn't scan in a rude tone the other cashier replied, give it back! Afterwards she didnt honor the manufacturer coupon and asked if i wanted to pay full price for an item that was on sale! Afterwards she treated me as though my coupons were counterfeit when they clearly were marked by the manufacturer. I feel if the manufacturer makes coupons it's the responsibility of the store employees to honor them within the rules stated. They make the coupons to be used by consumers not for them to be a symbol that allows rude and unprofessional employees to dismiss and demean customers!

May 14, 2017

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