Dollar General / customer service

I am sorry to have to file this complaint. But feel it important enough to warrant your attention. Today while visiting your store in Gainesville MO, there were no shopping carts available to the customers, inside or out of the store. In the store were several carts filled with items the employees had pulled from the shelves, or boxes they were unpacking. While this may seem no big deal to most, we are a very rural area with a large number of elderly and disabled people who are regular customers of your store. These people cannot shop without the aid of a cart to assist them in carrying their purchases. Many go no father than this tiny area to shop. So it is a very big deal to our elderly and disabled community. The emoyees were curt and rude and no assistance was offered to retrieve carts for customers. I was appalled. Usually our little store here has a high standard of service. People were proud of this small store. The service has become abominable within the last several months. Today being quite ridiculous. All the stores carts were parked together at the back of the store, by the loading door/dock and waste receptical, Outside and behind the building. Not accessible to any customer. I happened to see them because of my direction of travel. The store was not so busy that a clerk could not have brought a few in for our elderly and disabled. I know this community would appreciate your immediate attention to this and the horrendous customer service. Thank you for your time and patience. I look forward to seeing this matter resolved soon.

Jun 06, 2018

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