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So far, I am 22 years old, I have worked retail since I have been 16, I have worked for many other business like shopko, pamida, caseys general stores (At casey's I was able to obtain a assistant managers posistion) , and now dollar general... Dg so far has to be the worst store I have ever worked for, I have more experience than most of the people working there and yet was hired on as a key carrier, but still haven't even been promoted to that posisition so I wonder when or if that will happen, the lack of trust the entire company sees in employees is unbelievable, there is no need my jacket/lunch pail needs to be searched when my shift is over to see if I have stole anything, the dm makes a point to come into the store to watch the employees on the security cameras to see if we are doing anything wrong. The company policy where I cannot have something to drink with me at the register, that it has to be in the break room at all times, is total crap or when i'm expected to stock a rolltainer an hour while being lead cashier is another load of bull. Simple things such as me not being able to void an item off a ticket, that I have to call a mod up to do, is extremely inefficient. Also another thing I dislike is the dollar general literacy fund.. You are pretty much forced to beg for donations after each sale, and if you don't you will be written up, total bs.

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  • Jo
      Sep 26, 2010

    Sounds like you should have looked into company policies a little more before you hired on. My guess is that you have no where near the experience the people that work there have or you would understand the DG policies when it comes to protecting their inventory. Most retail corporations have the same sort of policies to protect their assets. Typically employees that complain about these type of policies are the ones that have something to hide... the product they are walking out the door with. I live in Crete and know that some of those ladies have been there since the store opened - nearly 10 years ago. Therefore your complaints that you have more experience is simply ridiculous. My guess is they were in retail before you got out of diapers. The problem is you are 22 and have yet to grasp the ins and outs of running a retail operation. Grow up.

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  • Sh
      May 09, 2011

    I also work for dg and agree with all your complaints. The company is ridiculously overzealous in their pursuit of catching employees breaking company policy. The fact that we cannot even purchase a soda in the middle of a shift without clocking out is absurd. If corporate spent half the effort they put forth watching employees work into building a solid relationship with over worked underpaid loyal emploees things would run alot smoother. People get tired of working their tails off for an unappreciative company that treats us all like thieves

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  • Ti
      Jul 07, 2011

    I am 32 years of age have worked since I to was 16. I heard people complain about working for Dollar General and honestly I thought, they were baby's and didn't have the experience to work there. After working 1 week I apologize to anyone I thought that about. It is a freakin joke working for them. Where I worked there were only allowed 2 people to work at a time. Non management people have to do everything...and I mean everything but paperwork and deposits. I had to put up roll carts, watch for theft, mop floors, clean bathrooms, move roll carts and set up outside, front shelves, recoveryand that was all while waiting on ALL CUSTOMERS. I thought it was just the store I worked for but, after talking to people from the other 5 local stores that is the way they are all ran in the area. You get min, wage to work your tail off and be treated as a theif and a no body. With out there employees they would have no store's. This is the worst job I have ever had!!! I will no longer shop at ANY Dollar general, they will no longer get my money and I just recently quit. You know they have alot of merchandise walking out the doors but I guarantee its not the employees its the customers because the cashiers are running around with way to much to do and can not greet the customers properly or actually spend any time watching them.

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