Dollar General / coupons not working

Holland Ohio, United States

This happened to me on 9/13/2017
I just wanted to vent about my beginners experience at DG with couponing. I have two DG near me so I went to the first DG ( store# 09865) and spent about 30 minutes trying to decide what Gain products to get. I was makings sure I was doing the coupon requirements correctly. I'm writing down what the deductions should be and what to expect out of pocket at check out. Since I'm new to couponing I was so nervous and scared already that it wasn't going to come out like I expected, and I was right.

The cashier( black guy, heard him say he was a Sargent in the service to a customer)rang up my 6 items and had me enter my phone number for the digital coupons. It didn't work! It wasn't responding to the phone # entry. He voided out the transaction and re-rung everything 3 times with me entering my phone number each time, but it's wasn't responding so I could apply the digital coupons.
So another worker calls corporate while I stood off to the side and waited so they could help other customers, this took about 15 minutes. Everyone was clueless as to why it wasn't acknowledging my number, even the person on the phone wasn't having any luck figuring it out. They finally had me go over to the other register they had, it worked, so I left. I was in there close to 45 minutes doing what should have been a simple transaction.

I then drove over to the other DG (on McCord Rd in Holland, OH) to do paper (manufacturers) coupons for some Gain products. When I enter the store there are NO carts at all, all of the carts are full of stock and boxes sitting in the isles. I had to go down an aisle to get a crate off the shelf to put my stuff in. I spent about 20 minutes getting my things and being nervous as hell something else was going to happen. I get up to the register with 3 Gain F.S. and 3 Gain detergents. The cashier ( a woman with bad teeth, some missing) says I can't do all that, I can only do 2 coupons on each product, so I put one of each to the side and continue with my four items. She goes to scan the manufacturers coupons and they don't scan!! She says I have the wrong size bottle of fabric softener for that coupon. She says the OZ on the coupon are not the same on the jug I'm buying. I pointed out to her the coupon is by loads (48oz) not OZ so the coupon WAS correct for that product. She kept saying it wasn't right but it absolutely was correct! Then she says, "Well it won't scan anyway, so there's nothing I can do." I had to leave the store empty handed and upset. This shouldn't have happened.

So I drive back to the first store (09865) thinking it will be alright this time since I'm going to use the paper coupons I wasn't able to use at store number two on McCord Rd. I go in the back, get my Gain products. The whole time I'm in this store I'm upset with what's happened so far and nervous I'm going to have another incident. And then there is another problem. He gives me the total but it's too high, and I ask him why, he says only two out of the six coupons I gave him will scan and there's nothing he can do about it! ...What not again!!

I only brought with me a few dollars in my pocket because I knew how much I was going to need at check out. I'm short with money now because of the coupons not scanning, so I tell him I'll have to take something off. A complete stranger behind me overhears me saying this and offers to give me what I'm short. I thanked him several times, all the while feeling like a complete fool over this.

After going through all that, I just felt like crying. On top of all the commotion I didn't realized until now that I paid full price for most of my things when those coupons didn't scan. I'm mad at myself for not leaving when they didn't scan. I'm now afraid to go back there without knowing if any coupons are going to work or not. I just had to let someone know how I just spent two hours trying to buy some laundry products in two of your stores.

Barbara Robasser
7740 Angola Rd
Holland, Ohio 43528

Sep 14, 2017

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