Dollar General Corporationcustomer service

Reviewing complaints against your store I believe customer
Service on top followed by rude employees
And employees need training
My complaint covers all three. Yesterday I went to our sore here in Corpus Christi Texas#10665.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Corpus Christi, TX Made purchase, took items and 2 hours later realized I did not have my complete purchase, missed 2 rolls of paper towels, I went back with my receipt, expecting courtesy, not a chance my paper towels were not there, cashier rude, not helpful, I ended up purchasing additional towels, price was minimal $1 each, but I strongly feel it was the principle of this situation, the terrible attitude of these clerks. I shop there frequently, and when ever there is a problem, I always receive this unprofessional rude attitude.
They seem not to check if customer has all their packages. During holidays I ended with 2 bags of Xmas lights that I did not purchase, i took them back, now I wonder where they ended up?
Is there anything that can be done regarding rude, not helpful employees at your stores? Perhaps I jus need to stop shopping there.

Jan 30, 2017

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