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Dollar General / brian darling

1 Cedar Rapids, IA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (319)390-1050

My name is kourtni brown and I was recently fired from dollar general in cedar rapids, IA .My hours were cut down to 11 hours a week before I was fired and my boss acted like he was trying to push me out anyways.He knew what hours I could work and continued to schedule me for hours that I couldnt.He knew I couldnt and thats why he wrote me up.I was working morning from 9:00 to 5:00 during the week and went to 4:00 to 8:30.There are many times that I have worked and not gotten payed for it because he would tell me how he was over in hours and that he would have to cheat again I have expressed myself many times about my hours and time again he said he would look at the schedule and find out, but he always pushed the issue that everything was right.And there was no point in turning it in because he would just adjust the hours like he always does the schedule.NOBODY in the store should have access to anyones hours like that.All he has to do is go into the computer and change the hours so he doesnt get in trouble.He always said the computer was write but how can it be when he can change anything he wants.I cant believe he hasnt been fired yet.I worked there since march of 2008 and he is not fit in anyway to be a manager exspecaily when he is telling his keyholders that they need to be ### to people to be in this kind of work.The girl that put here 2 weeks in around the time that I had started told me he was like this but I guess I and to judge him for myself .But she was wright.

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  • Co
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    Though unhappy employees quit or lead themselves to termination, they have no right to manipulate incidences in a store to examplify the manager of that specific store in a negative manner. M any of these employees have acted in a way that reflects them personally as irresponsible and have given plenty of reason for the authority in the store to react in the way that they see fit. By being late or choosing to work slower than usual are wonderful examples of this. For an employee to comment negatively on the management of a store publically without taking into consideration their own actions only shows immaturity. One is curious as to how this person will handle a more diffucult job, or how a career will ever be built with this attitude.

  • Lu
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    Let us know what happens. I too go to work on time and don't call in. I work to the best of my abilities. My manager did not give me a lunch break. I worked 8hours and 15 minutes straight, I have my slip to prove it and the manager fixed it on the computer to show that I had clocked out for a lunch. I made a complaint to the number on the slip to only wait and find out they do nothing I have now called another number for help because I now will have problems with management because of my complaints. They also get red cart prices for themselves. Many other things but I hope there will be a stop the this in every store. I am in San Antonio, Texas and starting to feel hopeless the more I read these complaints...("O" and to "concerned party" I bet you don't work at dollar general or if you do you are part of the ones to blame for our issues. Post your comment on another posting, we don't care for your mindless opinions.)

  • La
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    I wish everyone could quit working for Dollar General. My advice is: Don't work there! And even if you don't work for them, DON'T shop there. It is appalling the way they treat their employees. Don't shop there until they start treating their managers right. Any employee who feels they have been treated unfairly by their manager should know it could possibly be from the stress he is under. The ones to blame are Corporate officers. The demands they place on their managers are IMPOSSIBLE to meet. I date a manager and he doesn't sleep at night and is getting an ulcer. The store he took over was a disaster and he cleaned it up and sales have doubled. I should mention that it's a crappy old building the company rents and is way too small for the amount of business it does. Corporate expects to be able to walk in there at any moment and see EVERYTHING pulled forward like no one has shopped it, and no dirt on the floor, ever! The store has no control over customers tracking dirt in after a snow or rain has fallen. They do clean it up as soon as they can. But if the district manager would walk in right after a customer had tracked in the dirt, the manager would be in trouble. They don't have enough help because they aren't allowed any more. They are so busy taking care of inconsiderate customers they can't be two places at once. My boyfriend works 60 to 70 hours a week and is on salary. That figures out to be about $5.90 an hour he's making. I wish everyone would write the company and tell them they are not shopping there anymore until they start treating their managers right. God I wish we could get the word out to everyone about this. If everyone knew how this company operated, and how terrible they are to their managers, I do believe people would boycott it.

  • Pe
      7th of Jul, 2015
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    It should be paid, not payed, and right or correct not write.

    "keyholders" are assistant managers-this is just GD speak

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