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Dollar General, Bremen GA / district manager

1 Bremen, GA, United States

I was working for them part-time to help with finances due to my husband losing his job and after finding another was much lower in pay.
I honestly can say I have never heard such rules and stipulations in the workplace.
Cell phones I understand, uniforms/clothes specifications ok no big deal, but... No employee is allowed to buy any! Product after 6pm, to take home. Period. Why? If u keep sales recpt and manager cks you out. Why do the employees have to go elsewhere to buy products that is sold right there? Nobody knows if family calls and needs bread, medicine etc after 6pm. Also there is no!!! Support from district managers to their staff. Yes I understand the customer is right but, , , , not all the time. There is a line there and they should take up for us to some extent if it is crossed. I watched an incident, we wont go into here, and confronted the person, after that is was chaos! I was never talked to by dist. Manager for my side only asked for written report... He watches camara ok fine, nobody should have to take the abuse I took and stand there quietly, then to have the person say they are not going to stop until they have my job!!! Well congratulations you got it!!! But by my choice. There is no employer/employee connection at all. The employees are robots, not humans. Watch cash register but stock shelfs, dont make customers wait, but dont stand and do nothing, come on... There is no mirrors, or bells for customers to ring but I guess we are to have esp or something to know when someone is at cash register. And show no emotions when your being attacked for doing your job. Oh and if you are a cashier you better check with your immediate supervisor to make sure what you can and can't do. Because if you witness something suspicious you better just ignore it because your not allowed to acknowledge it, because your cashier... Don't know how they expect to win cases in court without eyewitness but they know best huh?... Sorry for sounding off but what is happening to our world today. Our we so greedy that we want to get what we want no matter who it hurts or destroys... As in my case, makes it harder to live, because you do not qualify for any state/county assistance. Hope your satisfied lady. God bless you and yours, because I know he has me. Thank you for a blessing in disguise. What you intended as harm as been a gift to me. Have a great day. Jp 10-07-2010


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