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A sales person representing dishnet called me and so I decided to sign up. I asked her repeatedly if there was an extra charge for the dvr or local channels. The representative said no. It was included in the original price of $42.00 a month with my 49.00 credit card deposit taking care of the first months billing. I was told I would have 180 channels and local tv with dvr included with free encore movie channels and free stars channel for the 1st 3 months. Low and behold, I had only 120 channels, no locals. I called and was told the representative was incorrect, and I would need to pay and extra 5.99 a month for the dvr use and an extra 5.00 a month for local channels. I asked what the monthly charge would be to get what I was originally promised; they said it would be 69.99 a month. A difference of 28.00 a month times 18 months which is ripping me off for a total of 504.00. I am now paying 57.00 a month for 120 channels with now only 1 encore channel instead of the 5 or 6 supposedly provided. Beware, they have many outlets signing you up, and can therefore say, that outlet was mistaken, and you can not receive that service.

Paul in Washington State.

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  • Ta
      20th of Mar, 2007
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    I agree i ordered service and wasn't credited the 25.00 I was supposed to be for 1 then I got my 2nd month statement late not until 2/07 and it was 300+ dollars for a adult change I wasn't able to view and a subscription charge for something I didn't ask for. Call in to customer service to dispute charges and was accused of lying and was told my fault for not calling in when I was charged. Inform I just received the bill late and would have called in prior if I had know of this charges. Upset wouldn't help ended call. Still haven't received help.

  • Le
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    I went thru to upgrade to HD DVR thinking I was contacting DISH NETWORK. Jesse Swengel called me on a personal number a day later to ask me if I was interested in th package. The package he offered me was not the package I was expecting to pay for. He told me I did not qualify for the other b/c I was not a first time subscriber. Made sense, so I said OK and he set up an installation date 2 weeks down the road. A day later I have been charged 49.99 and 150.00 by Direct Satellite Connections.

    Upon calling DISH NETWORK, they had no clue was he was charging me, but I also found out DISH NETWORK was also charging me $99.00 for the upgrade with mail in rebate. Long story short, they told me to call Digital Satellite Connections back and tell them to cancel their charges. Upon calling DISHNET, I got Jesse and he tells me he will not refund my money.

    I have since cancelled the upgrade and DISH NETWORK has given me all of my money back, but JESSE from DISHNET will not refund my money. I have called several times and I ONLY get Jesse. I never get anyone else and he tells me there is no other number I can call to find out about the status of my refund. No matter what time of day I call DISHNET, I always receive Jesse Swengel.

    I hope Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office in Central Florida deals with him since I have filed complaints with both.

  • Ne
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Dish net customer service no matter who i talk to about any problem are RUDE,their attitude toward trying to help you or at least listen to you about the issue is they come across like I DON'T CARE... The only time they are a little nice is when they are signing you up. But beware they lie to you about your package and what you really receive. One other issue with Dish net is their Advertising... lets just put it this way it is not family friendly. When they have an advertisement for them it is R rated. The one that stands out to me is the guy in bed with a tiger bra on with panties to match with red high heels,telling how bored he is but oh my goodness he can go to the sex movie channels and order one. Real good family ad isn't it!!

    I hope when you read this BELIEVE... DON'T PUT YOURSELF THUR THE NONSENSE.

  • De
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    We had Dircet TV, however, we live out in the country and had slow dial-up computer. Embarq had a deal, to hook up our phone, computer and DishNet all on one bill, and at a MUCH lower price.......I too, was persistant in asking him if I would get such and such programs with this package.......OH YES!!!!! Every channel I asked him about, oh yes, its part of your deal!!!!.....Infact, he quoted me a price of $99.99 for the package deal......which, when I add my phone bill, Internet Service bill, and Direct TV bill, it was $45 cheaper.....So I said find out that price did NOT include all of those channels I asked him about!!!! To get the channels I had with Direct TV, I had to upgrade another $57.99!!!!!!!!!!! Talking with the DishNet people, they are sorry Embarq gave me the wrong information, but its not their problem! I just upgraded 1/2 hour ago so my husband could watch a College BB Game. I have to stay with Dish for 18 months!!!!!! Then, I will probably go back to Dircet TV.....they are nicer people, never mislead us and are less expensive!!!!!

  • Be
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Dishnet work lied to me about what i would receive. I had just left Direct Network who i had been with for 5 years i had no problems with them. Day one i was told i would not get what i was promised at the rate of 39.95 Spoke with 3 different people at Dish network all refused to help me. They seem to think i was not telling the truth, needless to say I have nothing good to say about DishNetWork.

  • Ca
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    I got no clear explanation for my bill of $ 100.95 I switched to the top 100 plus but that is only $ 52.00. Now I switched to a hd only package I hope I don't get any more surprises. This all started a couple of years ago When I first tried to get dish. I had appointments scheduled and nobody showed. When they did install it at 10 o'clock at night. After they hooked it up I said the picture is terrible, It wasn't even hd. The installer said its late, If you want you can cancel tomorrow. So I did. I tried to return the equipment and was stood up about 3 times Finally I sent it back. Now a few years later I wanted to sign up again, they said I couldn't because I owed then for some equipment from a few years ago.Now I here you are being investigated for your practices.I want to be a customer but something is wrong here.

  • St
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    I too was promised programs that I did not receive and I also received programs that I did not ask for.
    When I called they were rude and told me I would be charged an upgrade fee for those programs that I did not get.
    Don't trust Dish's promotions. I was supposed to receive HBO and Starz free for the first three months.
    When I called they again charged an upgrade fee when this was clearly their fault.
    I was also promised a $50.00 gas card--never received.
    I now have HBO and Starz . What was supposed be free
    cost me an upgrade fee and they are still charging $20 a month for something they promoted for free.

  • An
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Dishnet has the RUDEST employees for them I have ever seen. I currently have dishnet and am cancelling on Friday, and am willing to pay the cancellation fee just to get rid of them. I get at least 3 calls (up to 7 calls a day) a day on my cell phone trying to sell me service I already have, then, when I tell them for the unteenth time not to call back, they hang up, then right call back and do it again within 5 minutes. If I dont answer the phone, they ring the phone over and over.They jumped the shark today. I had called on Friday, as the bill was due on Monday and made arrangements to pay it this Friday. They agreed said no problem as we always pay our bill, and gave me a confirmation number. Then, between Tuesday 8:00am and 7:00pm Wednesday, I received 13 phone calls wanting payment. When I told them I had already made arrangements and gave them the confirmation number, over and over again and told them not to call me again, I was informed that they would not honor the confirmation as I was rude. I couldn't believe it!!! I got 6 calls last night within 20 minutes, the last one, then I told the same man (same voice) that I had better never get another call from him, or I would turn him in to the authorities, he yelled "F--- You" and hung up. I stopped answering the phone after that and am contacting FCC. Are these people nuts or what???

  • Wo
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    PLEASE!!! Help me get my tv back on the remote. It hasn't been right since June 12. My remote needs to be reprogrammed to:
    1. turn on w/remote
    2. for muting
    3. adj. sound
    I have to use the original remote to get these functions.

  • Wo
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    Please answer my complaint.

  • Mr
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Dishnet is terrible. I have been with them for years... but let me tellyou why. I signed up for and was a regular customer for several years. The dishnet tech put the dishes on the roof of our house he said they should be in our backyard he thought, but it was always the first option to put them on the house. Then when we went HD the trouble started. We upgraded to a VIP622 which ran two rooms and did DVR. We had to replace it "3" times. They tried to stick us with $40 shipping each, I would tell them I was an "Everything" package customer and I should receive some service and they would eventually drop the shipping. I bought their insurance and started carring it so that if we had further problems it would be covered. Our remote for the secondary tv to tht VIP622 the batteries overheated and they exploded we had been having problems with the remote using batteries every 3 or 4 days. We called to replace the remote and it was not covered under the insurance even if we sent in the defaulty remote. I cancelled the insurance wondering how good it really was then we started getting trouble with picture and we called and three times they came out the first tech replaced all the wires and moved the dish but thought the eyes on the dishes needed replaced because they were so old, however he did not have the equiptment. But in order not to pay a service fee they waited till the work was done then presented us with paper work that extended our contract for a year. The second time the tech came out he moved the dish to a different place on the house, he said that he thought trees had gotten in the way of the signal, but he thought moving it up a bit would work, it should be in the back yard. The third time a tech came the tech moved the dishes into the back yard and he replaced one of the eyes of the dishes and said he didn't have the eye for the high defintion dish which was the one that really needed it. But he thought the real problem is the VIP622 needed replaced too but, dishnet work would not do that till it was completely dead. We did not have to pay for these calls and they did not extend our contract because these calls were within days of the first service move. Well, now the VIP622 is DEAD. I called and talked to them and trouble shooted over the phone and confirmed it. They said within 5 days I would recieve a replacement. Well my receiver that is a stand alone is a VIP211 that is what they sent me. Not the VIP622. I called and told them of the mistake and I talked to one man who said that he would overnight a reciever to me that it was definately their fault. I told him that I would go into the town of Newport 17miles from my home and mail the reciever tomarrow. He transfered me to a woman who would be crediting my account for two weeks of not having good service and would mail out a return package and set me up with the new VIP622. When she came on she said that she would not mail it out until she recived their equiptment back. I tried to explain I had already been 5 days without TV in my living room had company for 3 and fought the tv for 2 weeks and that I had been a premium customer for years. I told her that Direct TV could be here sooner than that and I could be their pemium customer. I don't have to have a faulty dish or a faulty receiver, I can start out with new equiptment. They said that I have to mail back their equiptment for I will be charged anywhere from $100 to $400 depending on the equiptment they want back. It would be good for scrap metal. I would not want to have it anymore, I am so fustrated. I live on an Indian reservation in a rual area. I do not have UPS available at the snap of my fingers. I have a VIP211, that isn't what I want, why do they think I want another? I guess I should realize in this sad world you should not trust everyone, but on the other hand I believe that when you pay for a service you should get something also. I believe that I have got service techs who acted like they could not give me what they thought I needed, not finishing the job(replacing both eyes on the dishes), putting the dishes in a place they knew it wouldn't work in the first place (see dishes need to be in view of the road, the most visible place is the house. why? ADVERTISING Their name is on the dish. It doesn't pay to put it out back where passer bys don't see it.) None of this helped me. I had troubles with our TV almost Bimonthly.--- for those of you who need challenges, like a fight, whant to throw money away. Have channels magically taken away and reappear in disputes. When I called and told the supervisor I thought I had been treated rudely and that I wanted to know if infact they had credited my account or if they had just said it he said yes, but not as much as had been said. Then he said he would credit it a few more dollars. But he insisted that I talk to someone about disconnecting immediately. I told him I wanted to keep the system until I had contacted Direct TV. Then he got angry and said he was noting my account that I was refusing to talk to a representitive. I said I want to keep the VIP211 in my Bedroom that does work until I have the direct tv. Then I will call to disconnect. He seemed very upset. The sad part ... Dishnet and Direct TV are actually the same companies...

  • Gh
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    good luck to all in finding an honest and reputable co. please let me know if you do find one, as im having to downgrade my servie with comcast cable because thier rate keeps going up and they dont inform me of rate hikes!!

  • 07
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    i have the problem of finding some one that speaks english and understands it when ever i need to call dishnet, i useally call hang up call back till i get some one on the line that speaks clear english, but otherwise have only had good serivce.

  • 07
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    the problem is getting someone that speaks english when i need to call dishnet, i uselly call hang up call again, ect, ect, till i get some one i can understand, and that understands me, but other then that i have been treated well with dishnet.

  • De
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    I was woke up in the middle of the night because the satalite was gone.The only thing showing on the TV was a note that said NO SIGNAL. I called the 800# for dish. I got the Phillipines. they asked me to unplug and replug my wires. they asked me if I had done any changes in the wires, who put the set-up together, what had I done to the system. I repeatedly told these tech people on the other side of the world "I WAS JUST WOKE UP FROM THE SNOWY SOUND COMING FROM THE TV. they do not comprehend what I am talking about. I WAS signed on for a set 'low price for only 6 months' BUT THEY SUCKERED ME INTO A 2 YEAR CONTRACT. now I don't have the DVR use or the service plan because it ALL COST EXTRA- now I HAVE NO RECEPTION- I HAVE TO HAVE A SERVICE CALL, TO THE TUNE OF $95.00 EXTRA, BECAUSE THE EQUIPMENT THEY INSTALLED DOESN'T WORK. There is no way for me to GET RID OF THIS CONTRACT- EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULD BE VOID D8UE TO THEIR FAULTY STAILITE. I DON'T UNDERSTAND- I HAVE NO TV AND THEY CHARGE ME MORE TO GET WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  • Ca
      20th of Apr, 2010
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    We could not cancel with Dishnet. I spoke to three different people one day trying to stop service. The only way we could get it cancelled was by strategically NOT paying our monthly bill :) Then and only then were we able to talk to someone who could/would stop our service. By then, they threatened to send out account to collections! Dishnet is a dishonest company.
    Carol in California

  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    So you finally decided to cancel or terminate Dishnet service. Here's what you will have to do, according to their policy.
    They will send you a return packing box for each set-top box you "rented". You will place them in the return package, together with the LNBF that they installed on top of your roof. Otherwise, you will be charged $150 for the unreturned LBNF and $500 for the set-top box.
    To top it all, you are to pay the shipping of $15 for each returning box.
    I regret the day I ask for the Dishnet service. I've been a customer for almost ten years.

  • Di
      18th of May, 2010
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    I apologize that you feel the way you do. I am sure there is some misunderstanding in what kind of service you are getting. We are not bond to telling anyone lies or trying to deceive you, just get you to be a customer. However in some of the concerns that I have seen on here, they have been to the best of any person knowledge and help. I do employ you to dress your concerns but I believe that you have been a bit over aggressive and possibly hasty.

    Paul G. I will address the first concern about the $504 dollar comment, all companies charge a DVR service fee, and since your complaint Dish Network has added the local stations into the package cost, to eliminate some confusion. To understand the separate charge for local stations you would have to understand that not everyone is able to receive local stations and therefore local stations were charged separate at a reasonable rate, it still the price was comparative and always has been.

    Tammie Linn Graham: Your concern is billing issue in regards to programming, you should contact the customer service center and programming, for resolution to this concern you should call the customer service center, the number should be located on your bill.

    Leonard Allen: Ok Mr. Leonard Allen, as I seen when I pulled up your order, I see that in your case you had a previous account with Dishnetwork. Your order was canceled and you were credited back for the order. Also Mr. Leonard Allen, you are a Dishnetwork customer, so not only did you get the service, but you also receive a credit twice for starting the service.

    Neets Martin : I apologize that someone was rude to you, I do understand how you feel because it does happen from time to time. There are some rating blocks you can set, and only individuals who have the password and access the rated R channel. To do this go into your setting and click passwords, and once you are there you will see the rating lock, just follow through, and don't forget your password.

    Debbie Boan: I am little confused about your concern, though I think this is a billing issue, we try to be the least expensive provided out there, however we do not offer internet or phone through the company and the pricing is determined by someone else.

    Betty Burgin: Again this concern is with the customer service center, we have little to do with the policies of customer service center, I recommend speaking to a supervisor through the number provided on the bill if there is a concern you would like to be address. I am always with empathy for customer who did not get what they want, and will try to help, if you let me, but it is very important that we have no authority over the customer service center.

    Carl Carlentini : We have seen this concern happen from time to time, usually it is due to over worked employees and long days; which I assure you is unfortunate that we are not able to get to everybody. Since then there has been some expansion of employees and better more efficiency work order entry tools put into place, in hopes to prevent over work and limit unhappy customers. Though I am not able to go back in time, I would like to help, if you would like me to feel free to contact us at 877 764-3474. Just let us know what happen and will do our best to help.

    Steve McCain: I believe that there is some confusion her, I say that with all due respect to everyone. But the package that was free at the time was HBO/Showtime. That may have been the only real upset about the situation, again this issue does happen and when it does, at that time there was little the customer service representatives were authorized to do, but again since thin more authority have been given to representatives, and more leniency has been in place to allow representatives to give some credits. You should be able to contact the customer service at the number located on your bill.

    AngeryGranny: This was a concern for some time, I assure you we did not participate in the telemarketing sleuth and we have great concerns for the customer who endured. I will tell at this time the advertisement of Dishnetwork in regards to telemarketing has calmed greatly. For anyone with this concern you would just have to follow the following instructions. I hope this will hope in the mean time I will be in touch.

    Remote programming is simple all you need to do is be in front of the component you wish to program and make sure that component is on. Such as your TV, press and hold the TV mode button located at the top of the remote control until all the lights turn on then release it. The light will stay on this lets you know it is in the programming mode. Scroll in one direction using your channel buttons and once the component turns off the code was found and you will need to press the # button to safe the information. You can repeat this step for the other components.

    mrs bc: I understand your frustration, many models of the HD receivers were serviced and repaired, one of the reasons it was taken time to redistribute is because time was needed to fix the error and to find an overall resolution, since this time, we have a new model receive the VIP 722 please call and let them know you would be interested and also let them know about the previous experience, if you need help to resolve this problem, please contact us at 877 764-3474. We will try to help you.

    gholman: I do understand your concerns I believe we all would like an indianite plan for service. Dishnetwork was strived since the date that it has been open to offer the best technology, the lowest reasonable pricing, and the best programming that is available, you are always welcome to explore and see what there is to offer at, just click on the programming tab and there you will see all the packages that are offer.

    07newyork: We do apologize, I will say everyone tries the best we can to help you with your needs.

    Debbielee Thomsen: I apologize for your interruption for service, unfortunately the only thing we can do is give you some advice in this matter. Have you tried to contact a local retailer? How long have you had the service?

    CarolN1: This situation seems to be indifferent, there should have not been any reason you were not able to cancel your account as long as the commitment was fulfilled. Losing customers is not what we look for and though we are not the ones who cancel service there again is some advice to be given, always be sure to talk to a supervisor if they are still no help, contact us for further help.

    Mad Atdishnet: This should not have happen, in your case you will need to have the matter investigated.

    I do hope this sheds some of the weight and puts a perspective that though we are not Dishnetwork we have always tried to offer customer a route to get good new service, that starts off right and last for a long time. And though many of these concerns are not directly related to us, we do understand them and hope you do not hold them against us.


  • Ma
      24th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    To DishNet! What are you going to do when you lose most or all of your customers? Go out of business. So what if DirectTV is owned by Fox. As it stands you are going to lose you business, so what have you accomplished. To switch over to DirectTV I have to pay the penality for breaking my contract early $220. and have to pay DirectTV $225 to switch over so that I can still have and enjoy Fox Sports, which is what I expected from DishNet. I am poor and really don't have the money to switch over but am being forced to do so, to have the channel I expected to get from DishNet. How much money does a body need. You will make your money penalizing poor people for breaking their contract to have the channel I most wanted, then you will be all done. What have you accomplished? I am furious that you have not been able to negotiate with Fox to continue to give me the programming I originally signed up for. You are losers and will lose everything in the end. Good job idoits.

  • Ge
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    So I write again,
    Will you post this comment or ignore it as before. You outsource. Simple ane cheap as that. You out source to the Phillipines for one and I guess rudeness is acceptable to you and whoever we have the misfortune of speaking. You have false advertisement. We can have high definition pictures for free for livetime. I was told that there is a monthly charge. Which is true. I called to speak to someone on the mainland and never connected, maybe everyone is offshore now and that is why we cannot get adequate help. 5 years ago, I could call and receive help from people who understood. Right now I'm trying to figure my options because I no longer feel good about recomending your service. You know, I spoke with someone about a problem and got an email congratulating me on my new service. WHAT SERVICE? Gerry

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