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Dishnet / added charges!

ND, United States Review updated:
I think that the Federal communications or attorney general should do an investigation on Dishnet. Like so many others complaints I have seen since I signed up for Dishnet. I too got ripped off big time! When I signed up I was told I could buy the local channels for $8 but found out the news was not local but clear across the country which I have no use for. Then I was never told if you don't have a land phone I would be charged an additional $5. The entire package I thought included the recievers and anything for a price of $49, and was to get a premium channel free for three months. Then they charged me for it for the three months stating they would remove it by the end of that time. Guess what? That never happened! The bill was every month $89! Then when I said enough and took off the premium "free" channel it did go down to $60 but now they claim they are allowed to raise it even though we were to have the same price until 10 months! I canceled after 7 months and they said they were going to take $150 out of my bank account for the remainder of the contract! I told them no they were not and put a stop check on them at the bank. The bank said it wasn't authorized by me so they have no right to take out of the account!

They lied about everything from the beginning! They asked me to have someone go up on the roof and get the little binocular looking thing from the dish and send it back! So I guess I will charge them You got it $150 to do their work!!! Why should I have to retrieve there parts from the dish???

Ripped off one more time in Ohio!


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  4th of Jan, 2011
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They are a rip off. I referred two people and did not get my fifty dollar referral for each. Now they are sending me bigger bill then I'm suppose to pay. There has to be a way to get out of the contract without paying. How can we fight this and who can we contact ?
  4th of Jan, 2011
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To the person above, I did not have a phone line and was not charged for not having it, so they must be making their own riles for different people. WE ALL SHOULD FIGHT DISHNET SO THEY CANNOT RIP US OR OTHERS OFF ANYMORE. I am trying to find a way to get out of my contract which is 315.00, AT&T said they would pay 150.00 for me to switch but then I would still have a balance with dishnet.
  4th of Jan, 2011
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In Illinois they leave the dish on the roof and when you move you get a new one and no charge. I know because I have a two year contract with them and move and they put up a new one and said no charge for the dish on the roof, So they are trying to rip you off. I wish I can get out of this contract. The customer service is the worst and they BS you.

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