Dish Network / rip off!!!

When I originally placed my order through Dish Network I was under the impression that Dish was who I placed my order through. I called 888/825-2557 to place my order. It was not disclosed to me that I was also signing a 3rd party contract. When the installation took place, the technician affixed the Dish to the exterior of the building. The association sent me a notice saying that the Dish was not allowed to be affixed to the building and that it had to be removed. The HOA charged me for the repair and for taking the Dish down. They also charged for the technician drilling through the wall of the building into the unit to get a cable through. They left me without T.V and the equipment on my patio for several days. I contacted Dish directly and they sent a rep to my unit. Again I was not aware of I Satellite at this time either. The technician tried to install the Dish on a pole on my balcony but unfortunately there are trees that are blocking the signal. He also indicated that is was not correct for the technician to drill through the walls into the unit and that he should have used the areas already constructed for cable installation . As a result I am not able to have Dish or any other satellite service installed at my residence. Up until this problem here I was receiving satisfactory service from Dish and I would still have an account with Dish if I was able.

I understand that the charge now damaging my credit in the amount of $500.00 is resulting from the installation that took place in December 2008. I have spoken with several people in the corporate office of Dish who unfortunately have turned out to not only be unable to assist me, but frankly don’t seem to care about the third party contractors they are using either. Each person I speak to is rude and hangs up the phone on me and just wants nothing to do with helping a customer in this situation. However, I did learn that their policy is this: If a customer lands in the hands of a third party then they say the customer is responsible but if you call Dish directly and they hire a sub contractor themselves then the customer is not liable to pay this installation. I learned that my call was routed to ISattelite because of the time of day in which I called . I find this to be deceiving to the customer as well as to the independent contractor like I satellite. I understand that work was performed and I agree that I Satellite deserves payment for their work. However, they are still paid by Dish for installation and if the work is done, then Dish should be held liable for sending payment to I Satellite. The customer should not held liable. It is not fair that Dish would pay I Satellite if I called them directly but they refuse to pay if somehow I am contracted with I Satellite. I have no document in writing that shows I entered into a contract with ISatellite and if there is one please send me a copy of what I signed. I have been under the impression since I called from a Dish TV commercial that I was contacting Dish. Obviously this was not the case.
I understand a circumstance if I simply did not want to continue my service with Dish. But I did try my best and exhaust my ability to try and keep my account with Dish. Although I prefer to have the service I am not able to. I have even referred 4 clients to Dish Network. I am requesting that you please void this outstanding charge and remove this derogatory account from my credit report.


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