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Each and every time I called Dish I was not just put on hold but put on 'Ignore'. Each time my wait time was around 30 minutes. I was not given an option to leave my number for them to call me back. This company is in no way interested in customer service. They are interested in getting money from you and nothing else. Let's say you want to discuss a lower rate or change any programming. For whatever reason you want to change something from your original purchase, you will be required to agree to an additional two-year extension of the contract.

When you are put on hold you will hear this cheerful pre-recording of how they listen to their customers by giving the customer what the customer wants. This is not true at all. First of all, Dish has known for a long time that the wait time to talk with a real person results in ridiculous wait times yet, nothing has been done so far that has changed this situation. Dish claims they are working on it. But, how many years does it take to simply hire more people so you are not left on hold for half an hour?

There is no doubt in my mind that Dish employees would never put up with another company treating them the way they treat their customer base. Oh they can stand on what is 'legal' in customer agreements but, it is also immoral at the same time.

I have not nor will I switch to the other satellite company Direct TV. Read the reviews on that company and it's a mirror image of Dish Network.

My intention on my last phone call was to discuss programming but, while being on 'Ignore' for over 30 minutes I reached the breaking point and decided that I'd had enough of their nonsense and decided to cancel Dish on the spot.

Now Dish is going to charge me $238.00 for the months left on my 'contract' for early termination. It's ok. I am not going to pay it. I went with Spectrum cable and Spectrum has agreed to pay the Dish Network balance. And, with Spectrum I will not lose a satellite signal due to inclement weather interrupting the signal and I will get 100 mg of download speed.

It used to be a 'trueism' that it is always best and cheaper for a company to keep a customer than going out to find a new one. I guess I live in the past when that was true. It isn't true anymore, sad to say, especially with companies like Dish.
So, beware before you sign up with them. There is a lot less than meets the eye, at the same time there is more than you can't see down the road when you decide to sign up with them.

Dish has forever lost this customer.

Aug 05, 2018

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