Dish Network / / identity fraud and theft

Englewood, CO, United States
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In November 2016, I was notified that my Social Security number was used to open 2 accounts with Dish Network (DN) by USAA credit monitoring services I pay for. I called DN to inform them of this fraudulent attempt and they claim they would handle the issue to avoid any inconvenience. To cover myself, I contacted my Banks and all 3 Credit Bureaus in writing to avoid any issues with my credit. Low and behold it is May 2017 and I am in collections with DN. I have again filed written reports with my banks and Credit Bureaus in hopes to recover any impending damage to my credit. If this issue is not resolved in a timely fashion my only option is to hire an attorney and sue DN for damages to my credit, liability and the mental anguish this incident is putting me and my family in.
I am under the impression that DN will open an account to anyone with any SS # they provide with no accountability. I sense a class action law suit.

May 3, 2017

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