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I signed up for a Heartland promotion. The promotion was $3.00 per month. I paid for 6 months in advance. This was completed on 12/21)16 with Mark at 1:27pm. I have spoke with three people since March 2017. Today Sam told me that my fees would increase to $6.00 per month because I did not have that package that I said I had. Supervisor Alex told me that Mark had made a mistake, and that I never paid $3.00 per month, and that I did not have the channels that I've been watching since December. I informed her that I had proof of my monthly payments. Alex the Supervisor, said that she did not have a personal line, said the company did not have uploading capabilities, and that the company did not have the ability to accept faxes to prove what I have been watching and paying since December 21, 2016. Why do I need to be charged an extra $6.00 per month because Mark made a mistake. Although we both made it clear what I was paying for?

Mar 26, 2017

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