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I called Dish Network Technical Support for an issue with my Dish DVR 522 box. In the end it was determined that I would need to replace the box. In order to receive a replacement, I would be charged $15 for a replacement to be shipped. Being a long time customer, I asked that they waive the shipping cost. They would not. I then decided to cancel the service instead of paying the shipping fee for a box that has had numerous issues from what I have found online, and I didn't want to get into a situation of paying $15 every time the box went bad. I was told I could pay $6 a month for a service contract, but I declined. In the process of cancelling, I was told I would be charged $15 for shipping if I used their label, or I could use alternative shipping methods which would still end up costing me. $15 is not much, but it is just another cost Dish Network is trying to squeeze out it's customers as they cancel. Any thoughts I had of re-using them in the future are now gone. I see how they truly operate, now. I paid the $5 lease fee for the DVR box for 4+ years. They have made plenty of money on the DVR box. They own the box, they should pay the shipping if they want it back.

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  • Je
      9th of Sep, 2010

    I had horrible experience with Dish Network and badly wanting to sue the corporation for their lack for service and the hardship they cause for its customers.

    On 11th Aug 2010, i ordered for HD service. A tech from Dish came in and swapped by Digital receiver with HD receiver. He had called dish service desk to confirm his job and asked me to confirm my renewed 24 month commitment with this upgrade. I did.

    Today, when i reviewed by bill i saw a PPV programming (some wrestling show) billed to me for $44.95. I did not order this.

    When i called Dish their customer service was rude and they said they cannot do anything about the charge and i am the one who ordered this on 11th Aug (same date and time the dish tech was here installing the HD receiver). They even said I have to PAY and i dont have any other choice.

    That sounded ridiculous. First they alleged me that i am lying and second they said i dont have any other choice other than paying for this service.

    This all looks like a big scam for me. I have already spoiled my 4 hours of my long weekend, and have decided to take this issue to all possible extents. This sounds like a big scam and for me personally it is ethical issue, Dish has alleged me that i am lying and want to prove myself at any cost.

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  • Sa
      26th of Oct, 2010

    We scammed by dish contractor. We met dish contractor on Clark County Fair and they use promotion free mini laptop with sign up dishnet work. The dish contractor came to our house to set up on 9/9/10, he said we had to wait 4 to 6 weeks. The mini laptop will ship to us.
    We been waitted for 6 weeks still has no mini laptop. So we called them, the guy named Troy said to contact his brother, we called at least 20 times but he always voice mail never call us back either. We contacted dish net work but they said they can't do anything about the laptop because the contractor is a third party.

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  • Be
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    Hello, my name is Becki Barned. I am with Dish Network Customer Service. I am sorry for that charge. I would be more than happy to look into this for you. If this has not already been resolved, please email me at becki.[protected] so I can look further into this for you!

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  • Mi
      7th of Feb, 2011

    Hello Irvin my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network; I do want to say I am sorry there were issues regarding the equipment. I was going over your post and seen that there were problems with your 522DVR receiver, what we do is go through different test to make sure the equipment is working correctly. If the receiver shows us it needs to be replaced we will do a Return Authorization for the return of the receiver not working and send out a new receiver. If our customers do not have the service plan we let them know to ship the receiver back there is a $15.00 fee, with the service plan it will ship for free when it’s replaced. When a customer closes out the account for the return of the equipment we send a $15.00 shipping label and we do let them know they can use any other shipping method of your choice.

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