DirecTV / possible fraud by a directv regional manager

This afternoon (8-1-2018) an older lady friend living in a mobile home park had two men knock on her door saying they were with DirecTV and were there to switch her from Dish to DirecTV. IF she did so in 24 hours she could keep her current rate of $34.70. If she delayed past 24 hours she would still have to switch from Dish to DirecTV and the rate would go to $40. She was given no choice since "AT&T who owns DirecTV bought out Dish and was switching everyone over." My wife was visiting and overheard much of the conversation, so this is not second hand from our older lady friend. Thankfully she did not provide them with any personal information! One man had a blue polo shirt with AT&T/DirecTV logo on the shirt and the other was in a white shirt, but my wife could not see if he had a logo or not. The business card they left includes the following information: DirecTV - Carlos Talamantes - Regional Manager - [protected] - Residential & Commercial Services. Our friend did not, to our knowledge or her's, invite them to come. They told her that she would have received "a flyer" in her most recent bill about the necessity to switch. She does not receive a bill. It is directly billed to her credit card. I am writing you on her behalf to indicate our concern that others may have been or will be approached in this fraudulent manner. Please address this with Mr. Talamantes IF he is even a "Regional Manager" for DirecTV. -- By the way, my wife and I happen to be DirecTV customers. Thank you for looking into this matter.

Aug 01, 2018

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