DirecTVinstallation appointments

I cancelled my Dish service when I moved because I was unable to find help in transferring my service to my new house. Having had DirecTV in the past I was actually excited to go back to them.
November 2nd I called and set up my new service. Earliest I could get installation was November 15th, scheduled between 8 am and Noon. I took off from work and stayed home . At 12:35 I called and they said the installer was enroute. At 2:00 pm I left to pick up my grandchildren from school. My father was home . I got back to the house at 3:30 pm and my dad said no one arrived. I called DirecTV and they could not even find my account, name, phone number anything... my father walked outside later that evening and installer had left a tag on the door that said they had been their at 2:30 and to call and reschedule our appointment...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Sidney, MTmy father was home, no one rang the door bell or knocked on the door or he would have heard them...after being transferred 4 to 5 different times and 2 more phone calls that night they assured me that DirecTV would be at my house in the morning. No one showed up the next day either, no phone calls ever nor text messages...after numerous calls and being transferred again because no one can find my account or understand what I need my service was scheduled to be installed Nov 24, again, no phone calls, text and no show to install. Another call to sorry, the installer cancelled the appointment, did you get a phone call or text message...again no I DID NOT! sorry...we can offer you $5.00 off a month for a year...we can come out Nov 27th...ok...but I hightly doubt anyone will show...and I am looking for a new solution to my TV watching problem...DirecTV you have let me down.
My account number is [protected], but you probably wont be able to locate it.

Nov 25, 2018

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