DirecTV / improper contract extension / agents lied on the phone about credit / no movers deal credit

Lake Alfred, FL, United States
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I've been dealing with multiple Directv issues since the beginning of the year and I can seem to get any of them worked out and it's almost May! First they extended my agreement for another 24 months when I added my own "owned" box. Then I was promised $35 off per month not to cancel before I moved the the agent made no record of this in the notes and no one wants to pull the recorded phone conversation and lastly I was promised certain credits for moving and nothing happened with that either. Is this a joke that no one can be contacted there to help me? I've escalated my issues at least 6 times and no one has called me back. I've spoken to supervisors and nothing gets resolved. I spend an hour to 2 hours every week I call on one call with the longest time being 4 hours (attached screenshot). I've been hung up on multiple times with no call back. This the worst customer service I've ever received!!!


Apr 28, 2017

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