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Lamont & Tia Roach

My Direct TV service has been out of order since March 2017. Originally, the issue was reported at the main Genie box, not working. Technicians were sent out to correct the problem. The first technician sent was not savvy/or a programming technician. He called for backup, and they were at the property trying to figure out the issue. They were there for several hours. Finally, they figured out their findings. They found that, they (Direct TV) put in the incorrect box replacement, and set up two Genie's on the account. Which caused system issues, and it had to be reconfigured and corrected. After being there for more than several hours. They thought they had fixed the entire system in the house, with the exception of one box, and mentioned that it was the HDMI cable, and that we needed to purchase, and install another one. So, that TV was left not working; only that it needed an HDMI cable. Per the DTV technician, a new HDMI cable was installed by us (the home owner), and the box still does not work. We called another technician out for service, and he left a note that all was fixed, and that was not true. Went to watch the television and still not working. I can go on, and on about this technical issue, but now what needs to be explained is the customer service issue. Today May 11th, I called to ask for repayment for services not rendered for two months, and still no service to the date. I spoke with Alicia agent # 4853, who accused my husband and me of continuously calling for credits. She mentioned there was no credit do, and if she would provide us an $80 credit, we would be happy. She simply was not getting it. I explained to her, that I was not asking for a credit, but was asking for service to watch television, that I cannot watch.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Upper Marlboro, MDI did not know I could get billed for a service that was not provided. Again, I am so disappointed and dissatisfied with the DTV service lately, and would like to get it resolved, but can't seem to get any one to help or assist. Especially, when accused of just calling for credits, like I don’t pay for a monthly service. I happen to pay a significant amount on a monthly basis, just like all other consumers, and would like to be treated with respect when I call the DTV center. Alicia #4853, was rude, accusatory, and combative, and wanted to only acknowledge, that a $25 credit was provided. Her attitude and the $25 credit did not do anything for me. Not to mention, that back in March, I was told I would have a full month credit. That never happened. I have been a loyal customer for more than 16 years at two different property locations. If I do call for a credit, it's for a service that was not rendered, a credit that was offered for a new service via DTV, something not working in the DTV universe, a service that was seen available through marketing via a commercial, or discounts available to loyal customers, what’s wrong with that? I can't get an expert technician to get my home system aligned, I can't get a call center representative to help me, I'm accused of asking for free credits. So disappointed, I was made to feel like a criminal, or a con artist, when I pay a monthly billed expense, just to get sloppy, lousy, lazy, service, with no credible service technicians that don't understand or can conceptualize the DTV system. It would be greatly appreciated if someone, in Direct TV can help with the matter. I hope the message does not get discarded, or is sent into a black whole. It would be then again, the customer does not matter, but pay your bill.
A desirable resolution would be to have my bill compensated from March to current, and for the DTV service to be working, because it's still not working.
Tia Roach

May 11, 2017

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