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DirecTV / customer service, unified billing dept.

1 Shunk, Pennsylvania, United States Review updated:

I am a long time customer of AT&T and a stockholder in AT&T. Service has always been great, however I cannot say that for Direct TV. It has been a nightmare. While visiting an AT&T store in New Hampshire I was told about the benefits of Combining with Direct TV. I signed up in that store, and the only thing the sales clerk could not do was schedule an Installation time 07/13/2017 7/15/2017. The assigned account # [protected]. After two days of not hearing anything I called the AT&T store near the Installation address. They could find nothing of account # [protected]. I proceeded to go to the store in Williamsport PA and spent an hour and a half in the process. We cancelled the old account #[protected] and opened a new one #[protected]. Again we had difficulty scheduling the installation. After 3 days an installed near my home called and the next day did the Installation 7/18/2017. Since then I have been trying to get my billing consolidated so that I can stream to my computer. After many calls, starting through AT&T, to Direct TV, the problem has not been resolved. Several of the people from Direct TV promised to call me back-never happened. I have yet to see a bill from Direct TV. The call center for the Direct TV Is the worse I have ever had to deal with. Most of the people have a very poor understanding of the English language. My Next complaint will be to the Chairman of AT&T as not only a customer, but a stock holder.

Sep 13, 2017
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  • Ni
      13th of Sep, 2017
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    so true they suck

  • Ji
      14th of Dec, 2018
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    Direct TV does predatory contract agreements, They will guarantee a 2 year contract price for bundle and after 1 year you won't be qualified for the promotion agreement and your price will increase 75%
    It will be my goal to let the public know that they should make formal complaints to the FCC, You took advantage of the wrong person, Nothing but thieves.

  • Je
      14th of Dec, 2018
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    I have been screwed around for over a month by Direct TV. Can't get a technician to take care of any of our problems. Supposed to get an upgrade today and they never booked it. Called to ask about it and was told a technician would be here tomorrow between 12 and 4 just like today. As of right now we don't have TV. It seems every time I have called somehow my service goes out. And when I ask for the loyalty department the idiots don't switch me over. I hope they are really proud of themselves. I never had this problem until At&t took over.

  • An
      17th of Dec, 2018
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    I just received an email advising me that my service cost is going up in January. HOW ABSOLUTELY ABSURD AND OUTLANDISH!!! I have been a directv customer since 1989 when in NY and now in California. Things were fine until AT&T took over. I get that the cost of doing business with employee overhead and all the things that go along with running a corporation, but ever since AT&T took over both Time Warner and Directv have taken a complete nose dive in services. I am sadly not at all surprised, and to pay more for less is totally unacceptable. You have figured out every angle to prevent anyone from saving money or at least having some stable billing and getting at least some decent service by aligning channels in the packages knowing well using the automation to see what people are watching and corral them into package pricing they cannot avoid. Then you have the disabled and elderly which I have in my home who cannot go out who depend on this, along with many who cannot afford it anymore and are on fixed incomes. I disgusts me that AT&T has once again monopolized something with cable and satellite. I am currently both a directv and time warner customer, and I can tell you I am not happy with either. You have advertisers hogging up all the air space and I am sure they are paying a fortune for it and you have the nerve to charge your customers more!?
    Let's see the list is long!
    1. Customer support is absolutely horrible.Excuses and not very knowledgeable technicians.
    2. Paying for infomercials that are already putting billions of dollars from the advertisers into AT&T pockets.
    3. Paying for HD service to watch infomercials in HD! LUDICROUS!!!
    4. Allowing channels to shorten shows for ads and cut scenes.
    5. Software issues causing freezes and audio issues
    6. DVR and Genie failures forcing reset to restore
    7. Repeat movies over and over and over again
    Why in the world would you operate this way only to have to give customers restitution for their trouble for up to a year when they justifiably complain, when instead you could just work harder to provide good service? Many would gladly pay the premium if they had good service overall and this is certainly not it! You should truly be ashamed of yourselves for operating as you do! You are all customers as well and I cannot imagine you would accept this from anyone you do business with that does not provide you adequate service and support. But you can take advantage of your customers this way and not truly care or take action with any sense of urgency.
    I am now seriously going to begin my research for alternatives because I don't feel confident you will do anything but add this to the running list of complaints you have ignored.

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