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DirecTV / customer service department and billing

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I am emailing you as an angry and frustrated customer of 3 years that plans on contacting the Office of Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau and Channel 7 On Your Side in my state of Maryland.

I will summarize what took place this morning that has prompted my email and the actions I will take, but let me begin by stating it would be a major understatement to call Direct TV's customer service department unprofessional and low down. Unprofessional, inept, dishonest and thuggish are words that best describe your department. With that stated, let me elaborate on the incident:

To begin with my bill, which originally was only $50 monthly is almost $210 per month. I average paying almost $200 month over the past three years, yet the bill always seems to increase monthly. This is however matter for a different venue that I will let the Office of Consumer Affairs examine.

Nevertheless, I am forced each month to get an extension from Direct TV which I do. In early May, my required payment of $189.95 was due on May 17, 2018 to prevent service interruption. The service representative reminded me of this and in fact said remember your next billing cycle begins the 1st of June. I did not make the payment of $189.95 before Midnight on May 17th and service was interrupted. I have no issue with this as I planned to make my payment first thing in the morning on May 18, today. When I called into the automated system it stated that the new balance required to turn service back on was now $379. I decided to talk to your customer service department and see why the that amount had doubled thinking clearly there was a mistake made. I called first thing at 8 AM and the rep stated that since a new billing cycle begins on the 18th that I had to pay the additional monies. I stated the following to her:

I did not know my billing cycle began on the 18th of the month and in fact was told by the rep who set up the arrangement that I should remember that my new billing cycle would begin the 1st of June! He only stated that I needed to make the payment by the 17th to avoid service interruption, he said NOTHING about additional monies being paid!

The rep then said, that she could not help me but that she would transfer me to speak with a Supervisor. I told her I was at work and I hope this will not take a long time. I was put on hold and waited 25 minutes! After 25 minutes, I was disconnected. I was quite angry at this point, but I decided this time to pay using my debit card $190 first and then talk to a representative/supervisor. I proceeded to do this and the next representative I spoke with said the same information, that I would have to speak with a Supervisor. I explained that I waited 25 minutes the the last time and was disconnected. She apologized and said this time it would take that long. SIXTY-FIVE (65) minutes later, I got a Supervisor on the phone by the name of Cinta. She was abrupt, rude and really did not speak clear or concise. She interrupted several times while I spoke and even said to me that I should not interrupt her. This is after being on hold 65 minutes!! She read from a boiler plate script and did not budge, or show any empathy or understanding of what took place. She then says, that my service contract began on My 17, 2015 and that is my billing cycle. I explained to her that I not only did not know that, but the rep who set the arrangement up stated that my cycle began in the 1st of each month. Even with this information, she would not budge, be flexible or show any understanding. This is unacceptable!

As a result, I am contacting you to tell you point blank that Direct TV behaves like a group of thugs and liars and I will not tolerate this, not just for myself but for anyone who has gone through this. Your rep could have restored my service and should of! The fact they did not is why I will not let this rest. Based on the many other complaints I see on line, I am going to pursue the action I stated earlier. Perhaps you can explain how your customer service policies work to journalists and state and local investigators?

May 18, 2018

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