DirecTVbilling: double-charge for paper-view

J Nov 16, 2017

Recently, I subscribed to and paid for a pay per view boxing event on my mobile phone. After noticing a fluctuation of the amount billed by directv, I called to speak to a representative about this overcharge and to bring it to their attention. Sadly in return, all I received was a meaningless response of 'sorry'. I have heard these syllables too many times and have become desensitized to its meaning because of it being repeated over-and-over again by companies and businesses alike. This has become a robotic knee-jerk response to their incompetence, instead of actually doing something to actual correct and prevent these mistakes from happening time and time again. Here's a novel idea... How about crediting my bill for the amount that was double-charged in addition to the charges themselves. I'm sure after seeing their profits dwindle away, extra efforts will be put in place to audit customer accounts for erroneous billing errors. Sounds like a novel idea right...?

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