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I tried to get a new account set up on line for a bundle of directv, phone and internet Could not accomplish this online saying my previous address was invalid even after entering it two times so I did an online chat and after a few attempts the chat person in formed me could not fix and I would have to call to place order. This meant I would lose the $35 activation fee and not be charged $100 for the wireless receivers for directv. But moving on I made phone call to get the bundle. The agent I talked with her accent was so bad I could not understand her. I informed her I wanted a new account she gets my phone number and sees I already have two accounts and asks if I am moving one. I told her no I want a new account she replies saying something about transferring me and used the word "move". I told her I had problem with use of that word I want new account she assures me she is sending me to someone that will get what I want accomplished. But then proceeds to inform me my account in Nederland was available for free upgrade. I told her why would I upgrade when I informed her in conversation earlier that I would close that account in couple of months. She said ok I will transfer you. So I hang on for abt 10 mins another agent comes on the line very plain spoken I understand him very clearly and once again I explain what I want. He proceeds to inform me he has to transfer me to someone else because he only handles moves so I hang on for abt three mins and get disconnected.

I am now furious. I decided to just wait till next day that way I would calm down

Next day I called got very nice agent. Could clearly understand told her about my problem from the day earlier she told me she could set up the bundle. Everything running smoothly and she is at at part where she is confirming the spelling of my name and we lost connection. Thank goodness she had my phone number and called me back. Unfortunately since we lost connection she could not complete the bundle on AT&T side for internet and phone I would have to call another number she gave me. After setting up directv with her I called the number she gave me and that agent informed me she did not handle that and she could give me direct number or she could transfer me. I told her to transfer me. I get another agent and finish that.

I had asked the first agent I called about talking to someone to file complaint of all the troubles I had the prior day she gave me a phone number to do that and that agent acted like he did not know what to do but asked me about my problem so I told him the story. He puts me on hold comes back and tells me he told his supervisor and she would escalate it. I told him I wished to speak directly to supervisor. He connects me and she answered after about 10 rings. I asked if he told her all the story she said yes and I asked if he informed her of my 3 hour experience trying to set up bundle that she said would have been 15-20 mins to setup. She said he told her it took a long time. So I then told her the whole story. She then starts telling me she sees where directv and AT&T are setup. I told her whIch is it you did not understand what I was saying earlier or were you just not listening to what I said. She tells me she is listening. By the way I could barely understand her because of her accent. She then ask me what is it that I wanted to happen. I in formed her I wanted for someone to look into what I said about my problem and email me what was found and what will he changed so no one else would have same problem

She told me in so many words that would not happen. I hung up

No moving on to installation

I had told the agent on 2nd day that a directv dish was already mounted and rooms wired except one tv location was not wired she informed
me that would not be a problem the tech would come with new dish and leave it with me if current dish is ok and would wire the one tv location no charge.

DIRECTV tech arrives I tell him need wire to one tv location. He says where is the attic access with stairs. I tell him we do not have that. He informed me AT&T does not allow him to go into the attic without stairway access. He told me he could hook up a wireless but I would be charged $100 extra.

Now I want to remind you if I was able to complete this online as I started out doing that I had figured wireless and no extra charge also would not have been charged $35 activation fee which I was charged.

I informed tech I was not paying it and I was on the verge of canceling the whole thing n call dish tv. He said he did not want me to do that. I told him to call someone and inform them. He tells me he has seen it before same situation and AT&T would knock off the charge. I told him I want to know now I would not be paying the charge.

He asked me if I had AT&T phone number to call because he only had directv number and it would have to be done by AT&T

I decided to find a number for AT&T and I get very nice understanding man. He tells me what phone number I could be contacted with text etc. I gave him my cell phone number. He tells me hang on while I see what I can do for you

He comes back several mins later to tell me I would not be charged a credit would be issued. Then he realized he could not hear me. He put me back on hold several times would come back asking me if I could hear him. I would answer he could not hear me. I did check to make sure I had not muted my phone. His last talk with me he informed me if I could hear him to please call back.

Why did he NOT call me back he had my phone numbe?

I call back have to tell my whole story again I get agent with a little accent and she tells me she would have to make a dispute for me and escalate it and if approved I would get a credit. I tell here the other guy told me I would already receive the credit and she basically told me she was following procedures

Now we get to internet and phone installation
Tech arrives checks a few things tells us he has to go down the road to check something. Comes back checks some more things informs us of wiring problem from down the road to our house He tells us someone else would come out Saturday to fix wiring did not know if that person would finish install or not.

Saturday another person comes out fixes wiring problem and informs us someone else would come to finish installation

I get text on my phone telling me to call to setup installation completion

I call and now installation would be completed one week after original install date.

While I am on phone I get text from another person wanting to set up final installation I text them back informed them I was on phone with AT&T. They text me back asking if I had problems resolved. I text back "yes no need to text me anymore"

I got 4 more text last one asking again if I got it resolved I replied did you not read my last text. Got 3 more text last one saying ok resolved I said the goodness got 3 more text after that.

All in all I would say spent total of 5 hours getting bundle setup. And still have not finished installation. And could possibly be out about $135 that I would not have been charged if I could have completed online

It is my personal opinion that AT&T does NOT care about what a customer has to go through to get service. I have heard other customers complaints mine is just a list of many. I wish whoever reads this would email me at [protected] it would be nice to know at least someone took the time to read. Would be nicer if in that email send me a phone number and name of that person so I could call and thank them for at least reading.


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