DirectTV / con artists and customer service is horrible

El Segundo CA, United States
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I feel like this company are con artists. Their customer service is horrible!!! I called originally to set up an account. I wasn't sure which package I wanted for sure but they said I could call back and change it if I wanted to. Anyway, after a couple days I wanted the package they told me was $5 extra and when I called back they said $17 dollars extra. After asking to speak to the manager after explaining that wasn't the initial impression I got. The phone hung up and no one called me back. I spoke with this guy like 45 minutes and he even asked for a call back number.
I then called right back, no one had any notes and I had to speak to this lady even longer, even though I kept telling her I just went threw this and I need to speak with a manager. I also asked her name and requested the callback, should we be disconnected. Eventually after a 20 minute hold or so, a manager finally got on the phone. Initially, she said its $17 extra as well, but after a long long debate she said she found the promotion and would make the change. I feel like I had been on the phone at least a hour and a half, probably longer.
Few days went by but no changes. I call back again, no notes again. Talked to someone for 45 mins again. After asking to speak to a manager, I mysteriously got hung up on again. I called right back and asked to speak to a manager. I wouldn't even talk to this guy, I was seriously upset, I also asked if we got disconnected to call me back. You have to ask I suppose??? Apparently, they were all too busy but "ok, sir i'll have one call you. Assuming your phone line doesn't go down. " I feel like at this point, they know no one is calling. Guess what. No one called! I hate direct tv and their customer service!!!
Go to netflix because this company sucks!!! Or literally any other company in the world.
P. S. There is no grace period to cancel after installation so if you try to get out even if after a week its "just $20 a month" as they pit it. $20*24=$480 to get out of crappy service that goes out in the rain!!!

Jan 26, 2017

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