Direct Tv / unauthorized withdrawal on money from bank account

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Direct TV did an illegal unauthorized withdrawal from my bank for $766.68 for service and caused NSF in my bank account along with my house payment to be returned. After days and hours logged of calls made to get resolution I still have only gotten back $267.00! On hold, Transferred to representative after representative and no resolution! Story after story along with lie after lie. Terrible service! I need help!

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  • Mi
      Aug 07, 2012

    Go to your bank and ask to dispute the charges or file fraud charges against DTV.

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  • Ta
      Sep 08, 2012

    They have done the same thing to me on 9/5/12... just starting the dispute now...after reading all the comments on-line I regret trusting this '180, 000+ Satisfied customers corporation' Their customer service reps may have 2 weeks of training but it isn't hard to give cookie cutter crap answers and cut and paste email replies... If you have any helpful guidance to assist me on fighting these guys please let me know!!

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  • Jo
      Sep 17, 2012

    i have been going through the same thing the last 3 months with them best thing i can say is go through your bank and ask to dispute it. i still have yet to get money back from direct tv . called my bank today and took care of it in 15 mins. where i was on the phone with direct tv over 35 times hearing reason after reason why i haven't got my refund back i would say at least 16hours all together... after a few calls if they don"t fix it stop wasting your time go through your bank

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  • Je
      Jun 08, 2017

    We have been going through this crap for over six months now. We found out will sitting in a restaurant try to pay the bill, we were broke. In Nevada you go stait to jail for defrauding an innkeeper. They cleaned out our account 3 different times for an excessively large amount of cash. To add insult to injuries we supposedly owed the 200$ for service that we never got and equipment that we don't have. To make a long story short they have wiped us from the planet. No bank account, no credit, no check cashing without paying large percentage to the cashing agency. No trying to find an attorney to sue for 100 Billion dollars$$$. Anyone care to join me? Its not about the money anymore. 541-761-2869 my personal phone number Thats how serious this matter is to me.

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