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DirectTV called and offered Showtime for free, my son accepted the deal. When next bill came I saw that I was billed not only for the supposed free period, but for a few weeks after. I called them and said I didn't want Showtime, and reverse the charges (which we all know are in advance). The customer rep kept trying to sell me additional stuff, upgrade equipment, etc. I finally said yes to upgrade, then she says but you need to sign a 2 year contract again. I said absolutely not. Just remove the Showtime charges. So a couple months go by and one day I have no service. I call them up, and they say pay that $31 for Showtime or no TV. I say forget you I quit. The rep says and I quote "So you say you are threatening to quit ?" And I said no I do quit. They have called everyday since, some days more than once, I have had SuddenLink for a couple weeks. I called them back once, rep told me I can't quit with a positive balance, I said ridiculous, and explained the situation, this guy at least had some understanding. He said wait till February and they will ask for their equipment back.
Received a bill with a $6 minimum service fee (WTF that is?) and still trying to charge rent on equipment that I am not and cannot use.
Also after the initial sign up period, charge for service doubled.
I do not intend to pay them, luckily I was smart enough not to have autopay and any payment card I used has been replaced for other reasons so they can't take my money. NEVER AGAIN, I caution everyone to stay away. I had Dish for many years, I would recommend them.

Feb 3, 2017

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