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I just got off the phone to cancel my service with DirectTV after almost 4 years of being a "loyal" customer. After thanking me for my loyalty and asking if there was anything they could offer me to stay I told them that the local cable company had given me a deal too good to pass up but thank you anyway. Upon going through the disconnect procedures they told me I had an early cancellation fee of $220 since I added a receiver back in December. I leased the receiver, paid for the installation and have paid my bills on time for 4 years! They told me anytime that add equipment or service that you renew a contract. This was definitely never mentioned when I added a receiver otherwise I would never have agreed to it.
I was then transferred to a "resolution supervisor" who in essence told me there was no one else there I could talk to and no one else in any other state that could help me. What kind of business is this? I was open to coming back when the contract with the cable company was up but now there is no way I will ever be in business with a company that so easily steals money from it's "loyal" customers. They are overpriced already! I wll tell everyone I know about this crooked company and I hope karma has it's way with them.
Portland, OR

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  • Fl
      May 18, 2012

    I went to AT&T for Internet and TV and they suggested a bundle in which AT&T provides Internet and DirectTV provides the TV. Neither the AT&T staff at the store nor the phone staff mentioned at any time that I was entering into a de facto 2 year contract for the TV portion. DirectTV sent a confirmation letter for the order at the bottom of which, in small print, is a warning to read the agreement on the back, and they have the you sign the contract at installation although I had a friend let them in for me so I never signed anything. They claimed when I called to cancel that letting them install is essentially agreeing to their terms and conditions whether you signed anything or not. The net is that clearly thousands of people are unaware of the fact that if they are unstaisfied with DirectTV or the [protected]@T DirectTV "bundel" they will have to pay more than $500 to get rid of it, as proven by the class action lawsuit about this very practice underway in California.

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  • Je
      Jul 10, 2012

    When I ordered HD box(es) by phone from Direct TV in January 2012, I was forced to accept to a 2-year contract in order to get the HD box. If I cancel within that 2-year period, I was told that I am obligated to pay for the remainder of that contract (Direct TV will automatically charge my credit card). As of tonight, Direct TV is dumping 25 channels - several of which we watch regularly . In my opinion, Direct TV "broke" that 2-year contract. When I begrudgingly "agreed" over the phone to accept that 2-year contract, I accepted the service package I originally signed up for -- NOT service MINUS those 25 channels. I would like to dump Direct TV but don't feel I should have to pay for the remaining 18 mos of the "contract". Is it fair that DirectTV can "dump" on me, but I can't dump them without being penalized?

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